How do I express breast milk by hand?

Everyone knows the benefits of breast milk for a child of the first year of life. But the modern rhythm of life poses new challenges and very often mothers have to leave the baby for a while.

To the child to grow up healthy it is important not to interrupt breastfeeding and take care of its nutrition, having prematurely expressed breast milk. Also, the question of decanting when milk is stagnant, insufficient or excessive lactation is urgent.

But many, especially young mothers, do not always know how to express breastmilk by hand. Lack of experience and knowledge can sow panic, which will negatively affect the process of lactation.

In fact, the technique is very simple. It's all about practice and the desire to get a positive result.

How to prepare for the decantation of milk by hand?

If you need to express milk in the first week after childbirth - be sure to find 10-15 minutes for a massage of the mammary glands. The milk poured by milk quickly hardens and it is not so simple to express the milk in the beginning. You should gently knead the breast with your fingertips in a circular motion. Gradually, the chest will soften and the milk will begin to run in trickles.

If the task is to provoke a rush of milk, many methods are known. In addition, every woman over time have their own secrets.

Among the universal methods - a warm shower, hot drink (tea with milk, herbal teas or special teas for increasing lactation). If you are away from the baby - imagine it or its smell. Such psychological tricks also help to strengthen lactation.

How to express the milk correctly - the basics of technology

Pre-select a special container for milk. It is best to choose a wide container. Try to use sterile clean dishes. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Choose a comfortable pose. Place the milk container at a suitable distance.

Grab the palm of the breast so that the thumb is located at the edge of the halo (a round dark patch of skin framing the nipple), and the index was under the nipple.

Then, with sliding movements, press and release towards the areola and back. But it's important to avoid too much pressure. Otherwise, you can injure the mammary gland. Only squeeze your chest easily.

Also, try not to fidget over the skin of your chest - this will save it from scuffs. Then gradually move the palm in a circle with respect to the nipple. This will make it possible to extract milk from all the ducts. Be careful of the nipple - avoid strong pressure.

In the beginning, milk will be weak. Then, if you continue, it will flow in trickles.

As the breast empties, the milk will act weaker. Instead of streams, drops will appear. This is a sure sign that you can move on to decanting another breast.

How do you know if you are decanting milk by hand?

During the process of expressing, there is no painful sensation, which means that everything is fine. Pain is an alarming symptom that can not be ignored.

If you cope within 6 - 8 minutes - then you have mastered the technique of expression.

How is it better for the mother to express milk?

Women often wonder how it is better: to express breastmilk by hand or by breastfeeding?

Today, you can easily select any breast pump. But he can not solve all the problems. In some cases, its use leads to swelling of the breast and an increase in areola in size. Expressing by hand is one of the proven, effective and fastest ways.

In the process of practice, you will need a lot of patience, but gradually you will understand how you can correctly express the milk with your hands. Minutes spent on expressing milk, will more than pay for the health of the baby.