Walking with sticks

In recent years, walking with sticks has been gaining popularity among sports fans, and it's not surprising, even medicine has proved that this kind of sporting events contributes to the improvement of almost all organs and systems of the human body. To support yourself in the form enough to engage in walking with walking sticks 3 times a week for 40 minutes.

Walking technique with sticks

The technique of such a therapeutic walk with sticks is very similar to the technique in skiing. The right stick should touch the ground simultaneously with the left foot (heel) and, accordingly, the left stick simultaneously touches the ground with the right foot, in fact nothing complicated, but before starting the walk, you need to warm up and warm up a little.

Well prepare the muscles for the upcoming exercise will help the following exercises:

  1. You need to take up the sticks and light them up behind your back, then do 15-20 sit-ups.
  2. One stick to take over the ends and lift it over your head, then you need to make several inclines left and right.
  3. Place your feet on the width of your shoulders, lower your arms down and make 10 spring squats, do not tear off the heels from the ground, and lift your arms forward.

So, after you've warmed up, you can start this exciting sporting event. While moving the leg slightly bend at the knees, keep the sticks at an angle, each step should begin with the heel, and not with the sock. Go rhythmically, not only your hands and feet, but also your hips, shoulders, chest, back.

Usually, when playing sports it is very important to breathe properly, but during wellness walking with sticks breathing, as a rule, is arbitrary, the main thing is that it is calm, deep and smooth. It is better to start breathing through the nose, and with an increase in the tempo of movements, you will already need more air, and you will automatically switch to breathing with your mouth. Ideally, of course, the breath should be through the nose, and the output through the mouth, but here the most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

After walking, it is recommended to do some exercises for the back and for stretching the muscles of the legs, and that the next day you do not feel the pain in the muscles, you should take a hot bath after coming home.

Tips for walking with sticks

  1. Choose the right clothes. Movements should be given to you easily, so clothes should be as comfortable as possible, nothing should stop, pull, etc.
  2. Walking should bring pleasure. If during the movements you feel pain in the joints, muscles, dizziness appears, you experience discomfort, then immediately consult a doctor.
  3. Do not get carried away. If you just started walking with sticks, do not overdo it, do not immediately increase the duration of training and pace of movements the next day, everything should be gradual, your body will tell you when it will be ready to increase the load.
  4. Do not refuse to practice even in the winter. Walking with sticks in winter is much more useful than in the warm season of the year. During training in frosts, the human body is tempered, the work improves blood vessels, heart, the nervous system starts to function even more actively. The main thing, while walking in winter, is to dress properly and not breathe with your mouth, so as not to get sick.
  5. You can not practice after eating. Remember, if you ate, you should wait one and a half, two hours and only then start training .
  6. Properly drink water. While walking with sticks, you should drink plenty of liquid, but with minimal portions and small sips, if you drink a lot of water immediately, you may have problems with the intestines.