How to braid pigtails for children?

Each mother of a young fashionista will sooner or later have to learn how to braid her daughter with beautiful braids. No holiday in school or kindergarten is complete without a beautiful dress and neatly braided hair.

Moreover, the girls themselves also very early ask to teach them the art of weaving, first experimenting on the hairstyles of their favorite dolls, and then over their own hair.

Already an adult, many women who were lucky enough to become owners of long and luxurious hair, daily or on special occasions braid them into one or a lot of braids, thereby giving their appearance neatness or negligence, severity or romanticism. Hairstyles with elements of weaving will never go out of fashion and will always remain very popular among the fair sex.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of different types of braids for long hair and medium-length hair, each of which will suit a particular event or time of day. Any girl or woman can easily choose from this variety what is right for her.

In this article we will show you some detailed instructions with which you can learn how to braid children with beautiful pigtails and easily understand how to do it.

How to braid a Russian braid?

The most popular at all times kind of weaving is the classic, or Russian braid. Sometimes it is made of all the hair, and sometimes braid several such braids around the perimeter of the head. The following photos clearly demonstrate how to braid such pigtails girl:

The plaiting of the Russian spit starts with dividing the hair into 3 equal parts. Then the strand that is on the right (or on the left, as you like) moves to the middle strand, after which it is covered by the left strand (or the right one, respectively). This alternation continues to the ends of the hair, and then the braid is fixed with an elastic band, hair clip or any other decorative element.

There is a very beautiful version of such a spit:

It differs from the ordinary Russian braid by the fact that during the weaving strands are thrown not from above, but from below.

How to braid a pigtail "fish tail"?

The braid "fish tail", or spikelet, is also very popular among lovers of all kinds of braids. The braiding of this pigtail begins with the separation of all the hair into 2 strands of the same volume. Further, from the top of the head to the back of the neck, to these two strands are alternately added new ones. The following master class will help you quickly master this technique:

  1. First, divide all the hair in half.
  2. We begin the weaving according to the principle of the classical braid - with each weaving on the left and right we add on a new strand, gradually weaving each strand into the hair.
  3. If you do everything right, here's what you'll see:
  4. You can also fix the pigtail with an elastic band or a hair clip.

The braid "fish tail" is perfect for girls and women with thin hair, because it is able to visually increase their volume by almost 2 times.

How to braid a pigtail on its side?

This pigtail begins to weave from the side of the head. To make the weave beautiful, the girl should throw her head back and to the side a little. By and large, the beginning of the weaving here is no different from the ordinary Russian braid - at first 3 identical strands are taken and out of them a pigtail is plaited, but one string is taken successively. Thus, only one strand is always weaved into the hairstyle - from the left or right side, depending on the direction of the weaving.

If you have a developed imagination and imagination, you can very easily and quickly learn how to braid babies, like those presented in this article, as well as many other, diverse options.