How to clean shrimp?

Sea fish and other edible inhabitants of the ocean depths have always been considered delicacies, which were put on the table as a luxury treat for dear guests. They were sent as gifts to the rulers of the coastal countries to their friendly neighbors, far from the sea. They are also advised by nutritionists in exchange for meat to those who wish to keep their figure and health in splendid condition until old age. And it's good if you were born and grew up on the coast, and if not? It's okay, in our days to find seafood, at least the same shrimp, you can in any city store. So ordinary housewife will not be difficult to buy and prepare them for a festive dinner for her family or the expectant guests. Here you just need to know how to properly fresh or frozen, raw or boiled shrimp to clean. Recommendations for this account and provides this article.

How to properly and quickly clean the shrimp, the advice of the chef

To learn how to quickly and easily clean shrimp of any kind and variety, it is best to ask the professional about this. And today this issue for ladies is illuminated by a connoisseur of cooking in Italy, China and India, a top chef of one of the world's leading restaurants Francois Lurie. Here's how, according to the master, you should clean fresh raw royal or tiger shrimps, as well as shrimp of any other kind:

"Take the shrimp by the abdomen in the left hand, in the right one - the sharp scissors, and cut the shell along the back, then move from head to tail, carefully remove all the chitinous plates one by one after that. Carefully move the carcass from the side of the back and remove the intestinal vein, cutting it off from both sides with scissors.Many housewives hurry to remove and head, but Francois does not advise to do this.Firstly, the shrimp looks more interesting with the head.In the second place, it accumulates in the head all the most delicious and fragrant substances, which when cooking for it is important to remember the preparation of the first dishes and sauces.Of course, one should not ignore the legs, they must be carefully removed from the abdomen and put aside, because they may be caviar - a real and exquisite delicacy! "

As you can see, cleaning shrimps according to Francois Lurie's method is quite simple and is available for anyone, even a beginner, mistress.

How to properly clean frozen or cooked shrimp?

The technique described above is universal. Using it you can clean and frozen raw shrimp, pre-thawed them under a stream of running water, and already cooked products. However, some housewives prefer to cut the shrimp not on the back, but on the abdomen. In fact, it does not matter much. You can do both by the method of Francois Lurie, and by the method of ordinary housewives. The main thing is that the end result should rejoice those who sit at the table and the cook himself.

And one more small, but very significant moment, that the conceived dish turned out really tasty and appetizing, it is necessary to choose skilfully its basic ingredient, that is shrimp. Of course, it is best to buy them alive from a special aquarium, but this is not always and not always possible. The second option is frozen and packaged shrimp. Buying them, it is important to carefully examine the appearance of the product. Correctly processed prawns should be whole and not stick together. The legs and tails are pressed against the calf, and the head has a green or brown color. The ice on each individual carcass should be so much that it seemed encased in the finest glaze, and the presence of snow and ice shards in the package is generally unacceptable.

And finally one more tip. After you clean the raw shrimp, do not rush to throw chitinous shells. Of these, you can cook an excellent broth for light soup or exotic sauce. Fold them in a saucepan. Fill with water so that it only slightly covers them, bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 30 minutes. Then remove the pan from the fire, strain its contents, dispose of the shells, and use the decoction for the intended purpose. Enjoy your meal!