Meat Slicing - decoration

Long gone are the times when meat cutting appeared on the table only on the great holidays, and getting the boiled pork and sausage needed to make heroic efforts. Now in our stores and in the markets the assortment of meat products is sufficient to not experience difficulties with filling a meat plate, however as fish or cheese. On the contrary, a greater choice gives rise to a lot of doubts, which kind of meat or sausage to give preference. But the main thing in this business is not what you fill the meat plate, but how you will serve it. Originality and artistic design of the hostess is the main seasoning for this dish. The more varied the set of meat products, the more beautiful and appetizing will be your meat cut.

How to make and decorate a meat cut for a banquet?

To begin with, we remove the shell from sausages and from everywhere where it is. We cut thin slices at an angle with a sharp knife, so that the cut turned out to be oval. If you are a happy owner of a slicer, then this process is simplified to the maximum, if not - you will need very sharp knives. Surface of boiled pork, ham, tongue is cleaned with a sharp knife, removing dried up dark crusts. Meat cut across the fibers of a well-ground knife with a narrow and long blade. The blade must, in one movement, completely cut through the product.

We proceed directly to serving meat cuttings. It should be said that the cutting looks spectacularly simply laid on the leaves of the lettuce, this is a good option in a hurry, when there is no time for something more complicated. It looks very nice meat cut, served on a flat dish, sprinkled with paprika or curry. Supplement the picture can be sauces of 2 or 3 species, served in sauceboats and placed on the same dish. A more labor-consuming example of how to beautifully lay out meat cuts is shown in the photo.

From slices of sausage ( balyk , brisket) we make a flower, petals - from slices of meat of other kind, we adorn with greens. Decoration of meat cuttings can be slightly complicated, making a more lush flower (the result is visible in the photo). Cooked sausage (carbonate, jerky) cut into thin slices, fold them in half and tightly, pressing together, fix the feather of a green onion in this position. The second layer is added more freely, again fixed, the petals of the flower slightly bend in the sides, and the lower layer lying on the dish is laid even more freely.

To lay meat cutting beautifully it is possible both with the help of habitual greens and vegetables, and with the use of fruits (kiwi, strawberry, lemon). Another version of the decoration of meat cuts, which does not require special skills in cooking, are flowers from vegetables: a rose from beets, flowers from cucumber, radishes, tomatoes or onions. You can beautifully make meat cuts by making callas from cheese for toasts and pieces of olives.

And if you combine flowers from vegetables and fresh flowers, it will turn out very exquisitely. To look at this dish will be a real masterpiece, and your design skills will be appreciated by the guests.

How beautiful to make a meat cut for a buffet table?

Since the banquet does not require a long feast, then snacks are served appropriately, in the form of canapes or small rolls. Another spectacular version of the design of meat cuts for a buffet table is to dress a snack on toothpicks and fix them on some basis. Rolled meat slices try to place not in a horizontal plane, but in a vertical one, folding them up a slide on a dish, making a manato from leaf lettuce.

Having in stock for a while you can create a whole floral bouquet on the dish, combining flowers from vegetables, cheese and sausages, and greens, and pickled vegetables.

If you are preparing for the holiday, do not forget about the design of fish cuttings .