Shish kebab with vinegar and onion - recipe

Shish kebab is a dish of meat cut into different kinds of varieties, usually pickled and cooked on metal or wooden skewers over the coals.

Ingredients for marinade can be lemon or pomegranate juice, sour-milk products, fruit juices, for example, kiwi, beer and even mineral water to preserve the natural taste of meat.

But a shish kebab with a bite and onions is the most traditional and common recipe for meat. Vinegar gives a piquant sourness and aroma to meat, but not all of its varieties tolerate such a marinade, because of its low hardness. In the case, for example, with pork this will not happen.

A ready-made shish kebab with pickled onions is served, on which the unique taste of the dish depends, as well as on fresh vegetables, more often tomatoes and cucumbers, and greens.

Below, we will consider the options for preparing shish kebab from different types of meat and tell you how to properly marinate the onions to a shish kebab with vinegar.

Skewers of pork with vinegar and onions


For pickled onions:


Washed and dried pork meat is cut into pieces, sprinkled with salt, pepper and spices. In a glass, mix the water, vinegar and sugar until the latter is dissolved and poured into meat. There we also send peeled onion, or peeled on a grater, or crushed with a blender. All thoroughly mixed and placed in the refrigerator for fourteen hours for pickling.

Salad onion cut into half rings and pour marinade, prepared from water, salt, sugar and vinegar. Leave for two hours and drain the liquid. A delicious pickled onion is ready.

Meat, strung on a skewer, fry on hot coals until ready, which is checked for the transparency of the internal juice. To make the meat juicy, sprinkle it periodically with frying with mineral water.

We serve the ready-made fragrant shish kebab with the ready marinated onions, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and greens.

Shish kebab from chicken with vinegar and onion



Washed and dried chicken meat sprinkled with salt, a mixture of peppers, seasoning if desired, pouring vinegar and laying the peeled onions and diced onions. We mix everything thoroughly and let it marinate for two and a half hours. Then we lay out pieces of meat on a lattice, or string on a skewer, and fry on hot coals, sprinkling periodically with water. We check for readiness for transparency of internal juices.

Ready-made fragrant shish kebab from the chicken is served with fresh tomatoes with cucumbers and greens.

Beef shish kebab with vinegar and onion



Prepared beef cut into pieces, sprinkle with black pepper, salt, seasoning for shish kebab and lay out to it pre-cleaned, sliced ​​and mashed onions. We pour the grape vinegar, mix everything thoroughly and leave to marinate under the lid for twelve hours.

We put the pieces on the skewer and fry on hot coals from fruit trees. During frying, we are constantly sprinkled with red dry wine and carbonated water. Readiness is checked for the transparency of the juice.

We serve beef shish kebab with fresh vegetables and herbs.