Swedish diet - 5 options for fast weight loss

There are many ways to lose weight, named after some countries, for example, the Swedish diet, which is affordable and effective. The classical method proposed by specialists is designed for a week, but there are other options that differ in the set of products. The results depend on the impeccable adherence to the basic rules.

Swedish diet for 7 days

If you want to bring your figure in order for a short period of time, then you can use this method of losing weight. According to the Swedish dieticians for the week, you can throw 3-7 kg. The Swedish diet for 7 days, the menu of which is presented below, is effective due to the reduction in caloric intake. Upon its completion, you can not only see the minus on the scales, but also improve the metabolism, and clean the body.

The advantage of the proposed diet is that, if desired, you can change the days in places. If there are products in it that do not like, then they can be replaced by similar ones, most importantly, with the same calorie content. The Swedish diet resolves with a strong sense of hunger between the main meals to eat an apple or drink a glass of kefir. Do not stick to it longer, because you will not get big results, and it's better to repeat everything in a month.

Swedish diet with citrus fruits

A separate nutrition scheme based on the use of citrus fruits, Swedish nutritionists did not come up with, but they gave some recommendations. To improve the result in losing weight, it is necessary to supplement the diet presented above with citrus fruits. The most useful is grapefruit, which reduces appetite, triggers the fat burning process and improves the digestive system. The Swedish diet, the menu of which is suggested above, can be supplemented with lemon juice, adding it to salads, fish and meat dishes. All this will help to rebuild the metabolism, improving its speed.

Diet of Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson

One of the most common methods in different countries, proposed by the famous dietician Anna Johansson, is called "6 petals". It includes six separate mono diets that go one after another. It is worth noting that the presented order is not accidental, as each next day intensifies the result of the previous one, which gives a chance to lose many kilograms. It is important not to rearrange them in places, as the result may not be. The six-day diet of Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson includes such days:

  1. Fish . The fish contains polyunsaturated fatty acids , which are important for health, and easily digestible protein.
  2. Vegetable . Vegetables are rich in useful carbohydrates, but their caloric content is small, which is important for improving the results. There is fiber in them, which cleanses the body.
  3. Chicken . The meat contains proteins that restore the loss of yesterday, and this will prevent the process of destruction of muscle mass.
  4. Cereal . They contain complex carbohydrates and fiber, which are important for weight loss.
  5. Cottage cheese . This sour-milk product makes up for the lack of minerals in the body. Still in it there is a protein of high quality.
  6. Fruit . Fruits contain fiber and complex carbohydrates, which are long digested in the body.

Swedish carbohydrate diet

The main enemies of a slim figure are products that contain carbohydrates, so this power scheme implies their complete exclusion from the diet. The Swedish low-carb diet is based on the use of protein foods, vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber, and she is the main assistant in losing weight. It is worth noting that for the diet it is better to choose protein foods with low calorie content. In order not to suffer from hunger, it is recommended to eat in small fractions and in small portions. The Swedish diet allows for self-made menu, and options for each meal is lower.

Swedish diet for chronic renal failure

In chronic renal failure, it is necessary to make up your diet so as to relieve the load from the kidneys. To improve your health, you must follow certain rules. A day is allowed not more than 60 g of protein food of animal origin. Diet in CRF implies failure or minimization to 1 g per day of salt. In the diet should be present carbohydrates with high caloric content. It is important to abandon foods that irritate the kidneys. The menu for chronic renal failure may be as follows: