Tom yam - a classic recipe

Tom yam is a sweet and sour hot Thai soup, often cooked on chicken broth and supplemented with prawns, other seafood, mushrooms or chicken. In addition to the listed main components in the soup that volume includes some exotic ingredients, without which we can not do without, and it is problematic to buy in our stores.

But there is always a way out. Missing exotic can be ordered in specialized online stores and then your soup to the pits can not be distinguished from the original, offered to tourists Thai restaurants.

How to cook a Thai soup with a pit - a classic recipe


Calculation for four servings:


Initially, you need to prepare a broth for Thai soup. To do this, in a separate saucepan combine coconut milk, chicken broth, shrimp sauce and water filtered and put the mixture on a plate. When the first signs of boiling appear, we reduce the heat to the lowest level and leave it for a while to languish while the basis for soup is prepared for the seafood pits.

In a deep frying pan or stew-pan, we dissolve the butter, add the dried limongrass sliced ​​with thin slices, chopped with medium-sized slices of galang and lime leaves. Fry the ingredients for a couple of minutes with frequent stirring, after which we lay the shrimps, scallops and sliced ​​squid and fry until the shrimps change color. Rinse and cut in half the cherry tomatoes and add them to the pan. After a minute and a half of frying, add the green onion feathers, cut into several pieces. Fry the components of the soup for a minute, then pour in the previously prepared broth, add a sharp thick sauce, squeeze the juice from the lime juice, warm up literally a minute or more and remove it from the fire.

How to cook Thai soup with yam - recipe with shrimps and mushrooms


Calculation for six servings:


The composition of this soup volume and its cooking technology is somewhat different from the classical version.

This time we will do without frying the ingredients. In the boiling chicken broth, we first add chopped small-sized galanga or ginger root, and add dry lemon grass (lemongrass) and lime leaves. After about five minutes of moderate boiling, add pepper paste for soup to the pits and boil the contents of the pan for a couple of minutes. Now turn the fish sauce and sugar and again two minutes of cooking. The next stage will be the addition of peeled fresh shrimps and melenko chopped mushrooms. At this point, we also lay the chili pepper (wholly or sliced), as well as pour in coconut milk.

After repeated boiling, squeeze into the soup lime or lemon juice, throw the chopped cilantro and when it boils again, remove it from the fire.