"Turtle" salad with chicken and walnuts

Salad "Turtle" with chicken and walnuts belongs to the category of dishes that have an original and beautiful design. It can be a real adornment not only of an adult table, but also of a children's holiday. An unusual combination of ingredients will delight and amaze your guests. We offer you a recipe for a salad "Turtle".

"Turtle" salad with walnuts and prunes



The bulb is cleaned, shredded in cubes, poured with boiling water and leave for a couple of minutes to get rid of the bitterness, and then rinse with cold water.

Prunes are washed and soaked. Chicken breast boil, chill and cut into small pieces. Eggs are cleaned, divided into proteins and yolks and we crush them separately. Also, grind the refined green apple and cheese, and cut the prunes into small pieces with a knife.

On a flat dish we spread leaves of lettuce, a little chicken, dressed with mayonnaise, and we form a trunk. Sprinkle with onions, egg white and apple. Then evenly distribute the second half of the chicken and sprinkle with yolk. We spread the prunes on top and the final layer is grated cheese.

The tortoise shell is made from toasted walnuts, peeled from the film, and the muzzle is made with the help of eggs and pieces of olives. Instead of eye pans, you can use carnation buds.

Well, that's all, the original dish is ready and you can surprise the guests with their culinary abilities.

"Turtle" salad with chicken and mushrooms



We will tell you one more way how to prepare a salad "Turtle".

Chicken breast boil 30 minutes, cool and finely chop. The bulb is cleaned and wessed for several minutes, and then add chopped mushrooms and fry the vegetables under the lid until golden. Cheese and peeled boiled eggs are crushed individually on a grater, and the walnuts are ground in a blender.

Now proceed to assemble our salad: on a flat dish we spread salad leaves, then - chicken meat and sprinkle with a small amount of nuts. Spread all a thin layer of mayonnaise and distribute mushrooms with onions. Next comes grated cheese, eggs and mayonnaise. Top sprinkle the remaining nuts, make a turtle from the egg head, and paws - from olives.

Salad with chicken grapes and walnuts



To prepare this original salad, prepare all the ingredients first. Chicken fillet is processed and boiled until cooked in salted water. Then cut the meat into small slices and divide into fibers. Mushrooms are washed, finely chopped with a knife and fried in cream butter, until cooked. The nucleoli of walnuts are browned on a separate dry frying pan. Eggs boil until cooked.

Further we start to lay out all products in layers, promazyvat each sauce, prepared from sour cream and mayonnaise.

So, take a nice dish, cover it with lettuce leaves, and then distribute a layer of chicken meat. Next, cover the surface with fried mushrooms, sprinkle abundantly crushed nuts and rub on eggs and cheese. We decorate the salad with grapes, forming the "shell" of the turtle, and we serve the dish to the table.