Omelet with cauliflower

The combination of cabbage and eggs can be considered a classic of cooking. And this simple, but quite delicious dish, like an omelette with cauliflower will not leave indifferent any gourmet. If you have a multivarker, with the help of this useful kitchen appliance you can prepare for breakfast an omelette in the multivark .

Omelet with cauliflower in a multivariate



The working capacity of the multivarker is properly lubricated with oil in order to prevent sticking of the omelet.

Cauliflower needs preliminary preparation: carefully examine it, if there are darkened areas, delete. Cut into small pieces and pour boiling water for about 5 minutes, then drain the water and transfer the cabbage to the multivark. In the enameled container, break the eggs, salt, pour in the milk and quickly mix. Do not beat - foam should not be. Fill the cabbage with this mixture and turn our assistant into the "Baking" mode or according to the instructions. And if you cook this dish for a couple, you will get a nutritious omelet with cauliflower, which is quite suitable for children from year to year.

Of course, there is not yet a multivark in every house. If this nice device is not there, we are preparing an omelette with cauliflower in the oven - this is also easy. Add more useful greenery.

Omelet with spinach, cauliflower and cheese



Spinach and green onions must be pretreated. My greens, let's drain off the moisture, we cut it out not large. 50 g of oil put in a frying pan, melt, stew in it our greens minute 2.

Cut cabbage into small pieces, put it into boiling water for a couple of minutes, then throw it back in a colander. Form for baking or baking sheet with the remaining oil, we will shift our cabbage into it, distribute the prepared greens on top of it.

Now mix the eggs with the milk. It is better to do it quickly, but carefully, you can not try to make the mass homogeneous, most importantly - do not oversaturate it with air whipping, otherwise you will not get a magnificent omelet. Solim to taste and fill the vegetables. We cook the omelet in the oven (you can warm it up beforehand) over medium heat a little less than half an hour. When the omelet is ready, sprinkle our dish with grated cheese and leave it for a couple of minutes in the off oven, so that the cheese forms a delicious crust. As you can see, the recipe for a tender and fragrant omelette with cauliflower is quite simple.