Cake for the boy

Many mothers are able to bake a cake for their child on their own, but how to decorate a child's cake for a boy with their own hands?

First you need to decide on the story and materials. Cake decorations for a boy can be made from mastic or cream. The hero in this master class will be the locomotive Thomas.

Children's cake with their own hands for a boy

To create a cake we need:

So, let's start creating a small masterpiece.

  1. We pluck out a small piece of mastic and gradually adding a black dye we mix it.
  2. In order to be more convenient to work we dust the table with powdered sugar or starch. Otherwise, when the work on the details of the face begins, the mastic may stick and everything will deteriorate. Some use a silicone mat or parchment as a substrate.
  3. Thus, we select the amount of the necessary dye to get a gray color like the model. If suddenly it turned out to be a very dark color, you can always add a little white mastic and fix everything.
  4. We roll an even ball, leaving a small piece for details.
  5. We roll it with a rolling pin into a round, not thin cake and start working on facial features. We define the center of the face and make a notch with a small spatula.
  6. Using your finger, raise the edge and widen the hole.
  7. We roll a small ball and insert it into the recess.
  8. Cover the ball on top of the previously raised material and slightly smooth down. Over the nose we make depressions for the eyes, parallel forming the bridge of the nose.
  9. Define the shape of the mouth, especially carefully examining the corners.
  10. We pluck out a small piece of white mastic and make a smile in accordance with the size of the intended mouth, flattening a little in the corners.
  11. Lubricate the back of the part with water and insert it into the prepared groove, press it down a little to perfectly connect it. With the help of a toothpick, we plan wrinkles and wrinkles.
  12. By the same technology as the nose do the cheeks, only a little smaller.
  13. Raise, insert, smooth.
  14. We pass through the joints with a damp brush in order to perfectly align everything and make it glossy.
  15. From white mastics we cut out eyes, and from black we make pupils.
  16. The black triangles will become the brow. At this stage, insert the wand carefully so as not to damage the face. After such a painstaking work on the details, you feel like a plastic surgeon, because it is not so easy to "revive" a person. It is better to do this work in advance, in a few days, so that it will dry out and not glass when the cake is ready. Dry it better on a flat flat surface face up.

Now proceed to the main part of the cake making.

  1. Biscuit also better bake a few hours before the assembly, so that it completely cooled down and became more dense. And it's even better to freeze it a bit, then it will be easier to give the cakes the right shape.
  2. To trim excess, you need to take a very sharp thin knife.
  3. Korzhi promazyvaem among themselves a cream, any color or simply white.
  4. Gradually we give the cake a designed form. Where it is necessary we smooth out, we cut off the superfluous.
  5. Now you need to try on your face so that it will fit the size and adjust the length of the wand.
  6. We add a chimney and a whistle, they should be fixed with toothpicks so that they do not move out.
  7. Cover the finished form with a dense cream to make the surface smooth and get rid of crumbs.
  8. After this, it is worth leaving the cake in the cold, so that the cream is well frozen.
  9. Now we apply the ornament with colored creams, it's easier to do this from the bag to control the quantity and even distribution.
  10. Put the spatula in hot water and gently level the surface of the cream.
  11. We paste the face and fix it on the cream, draw the wheels and other details.
  12. That's ready cream cake for the boy, almost without mastic.

To please the birthday one can not only cake with the image of the engine. Given the wishes and special preferences of the boy, you can even realize his dream in the form of dessert.