Which part of pork is better for shish kebab?

A successful picnic will only be with deliciously delicious shish kebab . Therefore, the organizer of the event is responsible for the selection of meat, its pickling and preparation.

Everyone knows that meat for cooking shish kebab must be absolutely fresh, and in any case not ice cream. But what part of the pig carcass to choose, so that the shish kebab turned out to be soft, juicy and tasty? About this and how the meat for the shish kebab is correctly marinated, we will tell below.

Which part of pork is better to make shish kebab?

Any specialist in shish kebab business will answer unequivocally that for the preparation of shish kebab the best meat from pork is the pork neck. It is from it you can get the most delicate, juicy and soft shish kebab cooked on the fire. Meat from this part of the pig carcass has a number of fatty layers, which contributes to obtaining the ideal result. In addition, the meat fibers of the neck are always softer and softer than they say in the scapula or the back.

Sometimes it happens that it is not possible to purchase a pork neck for a shish kebab because of its absence at the right time on sale. What to do in this case? Really to refuse the planned departure on the nature? Or you can still buy another piece of pork carcass and cook a shish kebab out of it? In fact, in addition to the pork neck for shish kebab, you can buy meat from the scapula. It also usually contains enough fatty layers. But unlike the collar, the shoulder blade is always more rigid and requires a longer cooking time. This can be corrected by a more aggressive marinade, which softens the meat fibers well. These are spicy mixtures based on kefir, mineral carbonated water, in which it is recommended to marinate meat for a day. For a quick effect, you can use a marinade based on kiwi , the flesh of which is added to the meat for a couple of hours before frying the shish kebab. The juice of this tropical fruit will do wonders and make the meat incredibly soft. But in this case it is not recommended to keep the preparation of a shish kebab in such a marinade for more than two hours, otherwise the meat can simply be spoiled.

Some also use pork chopped or chopped for shish kebab. Such meat as well as neck is soft and gentle, but its structure after cooking is much drier and to achieve its greater juiciness than that of the collar, it will not be possible even with the very first-class marinade. However, the shish kebab from the carbonate also has its admirers. Among them, those who respect more lean, low-fat dishes, because the fat layers in such meat are very rare.

With meat have been defined and now you know what part of pork is better to take for a shish kebab. It remains only to marinate it before frying for a few hours. Next, we offer a variant of the most standard set of spices and spices for marinating a shish kebab. Note that this marinade is more suitable for a collar, since it is aimed more at giving the meat a taste, rather than for softening it.

How best to pickle pork shish kebab?


Calculation of 3.5 kg of pork neck:


Begin pickling the shish kebab, rinse the pork neck with cold water, dry and cut into medium-sized slices (roughly the size of the matchbox). We lay meat in a bowl, add salt and mix thoroughly. Now grind the pea and coriander peas in a mortar and season with the meat that has been crushed by the mass. Add the same dried basil and thyme, throw the ground paprika and bay leaves, add sunflower oil and mix.

At the end of the preparatory phase, we clean the bulbs, cut them into circles, disassemble them into rings, we knead them with a few hands and mix with the meat.

Marinated pork should be in the refrigerator, but about an hour before frying it must be obtained and maintained at room conditions.