Yoga postures for beginners

Yoga, of course, ennobles a person. Performing the basic yoga postures for beginners, very soon notice that you are changing not only from the outside, but also inside - the way of life , thinking, perception of oneself and others changes. If you are new to the world of asanas, you can pick up yoga postures for a start to calm down, with which you will relax after a hard day, or, conversely, invigorating, gymnastic poses that will shake you up in the morning as a charge.


  1. Take a deep breath and exhale. On the inhalation of the hand through the sides up, we connect the palms, on exhalation we lower them to the level of the thorax. Inhale - we raise hands in the parties, exhalation - inclination to the right. Inhale is the center, exhalation is the inclination to the left.
  2. Hand forward and stretch your back. Hands back and into the castle, stretch your arms up, not lifting your forehead from the floor.
  3. We lower our hands and rise, inhale - hands up, exhale - hands down.
  4. We move into the pose of the board - arms and feet on the width of the shoulders, the entire body is stretched along an inclined straight line. This asana, or pose, in yoga is also called the pose of the plow. We go down, bending the elbows and pressing them to the body, the body must be parallel to the floor. On inhalation, raise the head and the body up, bending in the back.
  5. We lower the head down, the pelvis stretches upward, straighten the legs and arms, we move into the pose of the dog face down.
  6. Through wave-like movement, we move into the dog's pose with the muzzle upwards and rise upward in the dog with the muzzle down. Now we go down into the parallel line, gradually bending at the elbows and lowering the stomach and legs to the floor.
  7. Push away from the floor with your fingers, lifting the upper part of the case. Relax your neck, tear off your bent arms and stretched legs from the floor, the remaining points of contact with the floor - ribs, stomach and pelvic bones. We fix the position.
  8. In the same position, straighten your arms, aiming your fingers back. Raise the chest even higher and stretch your arms forward, stretching from the crown to the fingertips. This is one of the best poses for yoga for the back, helping to align and improve the spine.
  9. Now, at a dynamic pace, we repeat as a block: without dipping to the floor, bend your hands and fix it in your ears, pull your hands back and, like floating, pull them forward.
  10. Again, lock in the pose, aiming your fingers back.
  11. On exhalation, lower the body and legs down, unfold your palms up, breathe smoothly. Yoga poses for beginners, although they are selected for a gentle training regime, but still need rest breaks.
  12. Turn your head to the center, palms under your shoulders, point the coccyx towards the ceiling. Cut your feet and put them on your toes. Start from the ground, stop in the pose of the board. Push your fingers with your fingertips to the floor, as if trying to sink through the ground. Save the position for 20 seconds and relax the muscles in a posture lying on the stomach.