Exercises for pregnant women 2 trimester

Exercise during pregnancy is not only a way to cheer up, keep the figure and protect the baby's uterine life, but also to facilitate delivery. In the second trimester (from the 15th to the 24th week), unlike the first, the well-being of the expectant mother improves, and the risk of harm to the baby is reduced. You can afford a moderate physical load, which in the future will significantly help to quickly return the figure to the former indicators.

What exercises can be pregnant?

Unlike the first trimester, when doctors recommend to stop on an easy warm-up and all kinds of breathing exercises, in the following period exercises can be more intense. From 15 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, there are no such sudden hormonal changes that lead to malaise at an earlier date, and besides, the uterus increases significantly, which increases the burden on the spine and cardiovascular system. The complex of exercises for pregnant women in the second trimester should include exercises that will facilitate the body of these changes.

Ideally, if your complex of exercises during pregnancy will include attending classes for pregnant women in the pool. The load can be chosen for your taste: aqua-yoga, swimming, aqua aerobics. The water environment removes unnecessary strain from the spine, and relaxes, and during diving a child learns to bear the shortage of oxygen that he will have to endure during childbirth. However, if you can not visit the pool, you can do with yoga for pregnant women or exercises on fitball - this will also give the desired result.

What exercises can not be done pregnant?

Even if you are a professional sportswoman, during pregnancy any participation in competitions is forbidden, gymnastics on bars, all kinds of jumps and jogging. In addition, you can not engage in any sports that threaten to blow into the stomach (from fighting to ball games).

In addition, in the second trimester, exercises that are performed standing, standing on one leg or lying on the back, are prohibited.

Complex of exercises for pregnant women

Exercises for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester should include different approaches to stretching, strengthening the muscles of the chest, abdomen and thighs, as well as respiratory systems.

  1. Warm-up: head turns. Sit down "in Turkish", cross your legs, straighten your back and slowly turn your head to the sides. Perform 10 times.
  2. Warm-up: twisting of the spine. Sit down "in Turkish", cross your legs, straighten your back, spread your arms to the sides parallel to the floor. On exhalation, turn the body to the side, on inhalation return to the starting position. On the next exhalation, turn the other way. Repeat 5-6 times for each direction.
  3. A good exercise for the chest during pregnancy (with fitball). Sit with your legs tucked under, touching the heels of your heels, bent your arms around the ball. Press the ball with both hands, straining the muscles of the chest. Repeat 12 times.
  4. Exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Lay down on the right side, legs slightly bend at the knees, hands in front of him perpendicular to the body. On exhalation, the upper hand describes a semicircle above your body: move it over your back with a smooth movement. Look back, look at the hand (stretch the neck) and return to the original. Repeat 6-8 times for each side.
  5. Final stretching. Sit with your legs tucked under you, touching the buttocks of your heels, pull your arms out in front of you, aim to touch the forehead with your forehead. Stretch forward to your arms and relax. Repeat 3-5 times.

Gymnastics for pregnant women can include exercises that are not included in this list, but are similar and simple. The main thing is that you are happy with their fulfillment, because a positive attitude is the main element in preparing for childbirth.