Sports nutrition for girls

If earlier it was believed that sports nutrition was created specifically for men, now that women have long taken a firm position and sport, producers are also trying to satisfy their needs. Today, despite the fact that many are still afraid of "chemistry", sports nutrition for girls does not seem to be anything unusual - on the contrary, it is quite in demand.

The right sports nutrition for girls

Since the body of a woman is arranged differently than the body of a man, sports nutrition will also differ - both in dosage and in composition. In addition, not all the supplements that men need, will be popular with girls - after all, the goals of their training, as a rule, are different. If for a man this is a set of muscle mass and a beautiful relief, then for the girl it is not uncommon to lose weight and bring the muscles into tone, and also change the body composition in the muscle tissue crawl instead of fat.

Consider the best options for sports nutrition for women:

  1. Proteins. Protein is the second name of protein, and protein is the main building material for muscles. As a rule, it is accepted by those who want to gain muscle mass or replace it with the existing fat. In the first case, protein shakes are added to the main food, in the second they are replaced by some meals. Sometimes it is used for weight loss purposes, but then cut back on the basic diet.
  2. Amino acids . This kind of sports nutrition is accepted with the same goals as proteins, however, it is not so important for women to restore their muscles quickly, because, as a rule, they do not train intensively and do not aspire to volumetric muscles.
  3. Vitamins. Sports nutrition for women of this kind is very in demand, because with intensive training, the mineral reserves of a person are rapidly exuding. In addition, unlike conventional pharmacy complexes, it includes exactly those substances that are needed by the athlete, rather than the average person. However, if you have a full meal, in which there are cereals, vegetables, fruits and meat, this additive will not be useful to you.
  4. Collagen. For the skin and joints take collagen , which is relevant both in the case of rapid weight loss, and under intensive loads. It is worth to take it specifically to you, tell the coach or sports doctor.
  5. Fat burners. This is the most important additive for women, because it is in the beautiful sex that the body is arranged so that fat deposits easily accumulate and very difficult to disappear. However, not every fat burner will bring an effect: because of the increased demand for this category, fakes are often found. It is worth acquiring such funds only on the advice of a trainer or a sports doctor (surely you will be advised by L-carnitine) and exclusively in proven stores.

Do not forget that you can always make a choice in favor of natural sports nutrition. Instead of proteins to eat chicken, fish and cottage cheese, instead of vitamins - berries, vegetables and fruits, and instead of fat burner - coffee.

How to choose a sports nutrition?

To choose a sports nutrition you need to consult a doctor or trainer. It is not advisable to take such drugs autocratically, because you can bring more harm to the body than good. In addition, it is necessary to avoid such additives:

  1. Gainers. This product is not suitable for every man, not to mention the girls. It is too caloric, so there is always a great chance to get a layer of subcutaneous fat.
  2. Anabolics. Few of the girls will dare to prick anabolic (male hormones), but there are also such. Such interference in the hormonal background can be a lamentable result for the health of the whole organism.
  3. Creatine. This additive is highly specialized - it is only needed for recruiting strength, and unless you are engaged in weightlifting, there is no need for creatine.

To the question of whether sports nutrition is harmful, it is possible to return endlessly, since there is no unequivocal opinion on this score among specialists. The decision takes everyone for himself.