Beze with cherry

Air sugar mass meringue is able to take almost any additives: from chocolate and coconut shavings to fresh fruits and berries. In the recipes, we'll talk about the last variation, and more specifically the meringue with cherries and various desserts, the basis of which is this combination.

Bézé with cherry and chocolate cream

Since it is impossible to put pieces of cherry in the protein mass itself, as it easily falls off, the combination of cherry-meringue is possible if you supplement this with a cream, for example chocolate with the addition of fresh berries.


For meringues:

For cream:


Turn egg whites and sugar into a dense and glossy meringue mass. Inside the pastry bag with a brush, apply a strip of red food coloring and fill the bag with a protein mass. Pull off small portions of protein on the parchment and put everything in a preheated 90 degree oven for an hour and a half. Dry the meringue.

For the cream, rub the cherries. Heat the cream, add chopped chocolate and mix. When the chocolate melts, add cherry pieces to the ganache and allow the mixture to cool. Using a pastry bag, apply the cream to the halves of the meringue and put them together. Roll the sides of the meringue in the grated chocolate.

Cake with cherry and meringue

A spectacular dessert called "Alaska" was at the peak of popularity several decades ago. Now, despite the past glory, the combination of a cake base, jam and air meringue is still respected by culinary experts.


For the basis:

For merengue:


Eggs lightly beat with sugar, and melt the chocolate. After the melted chocolate is slightly cooled, add the egg mixture to it with constant whipping, then pour the cocoa and starch. When all the ingredients are combined, pour the dough into a mold and cook at 180 order of half an hour. The output will result in a dense cake with brownish consistency.

Grind fresh cherries and mix them with ice cream. Spread them on top of the chocolate cake and put in the freezer.

Whisk the eggs with sugar until the meringue is formed. Distribute it on top of the cake with ice cream, evenly covering it from all sides. Next, send the cake to the grill for 3-5 minutes until the top layer blushes.

To increase the effectiveness during the supply of meringues, you can pour it with rum and set it on fire.

Sand cake with cherry and meringue - recipe

We have more than once had a detailed review of the design of home-made shortbread, so if you decide to knead it yourself, then refer to the recipes described earlier. Otherwise, the basis of the shortness test can be bought ready.


For the pie:

For merengue:


Pre-unfrozen base of the short-dough, take care of the preparation of cherry syrup. For syrup, mix the berry-free berries with sugar and cook until the juice is thickened. After cooling the berry mixture, distribute it in the base of the short-dough and whip the meringue of protein and sugar. When the glossy white mass is ready, put it over the cherry filling and put everything to bake at 160 degrees for half an hour. The merengue should turn rosy, and the dough - completely bake. Before cutting, the cake is allowed to cool.