Candied fruits from orange peels - good and bad

Orange or lemon candied fruits are the crusts of these fruits, which were boiled in a highly concentrated sugar syrup, and then dried. Of course, candied fruits made at home are much more useful than store candy, because in the latter often add dyes and preservatives that extend the shelf life. As you know, there is nothing useful in them. But home sweets should not be used immensely, because they have high energy value.

Benefits and harm of candied fruits from orange peels

Candied fruit is a product with high calorie content. Therefore such sweetness will be especially useful to those who are engaged in manual work or sports. They are used as a source of energy. In addition, eating no more than 50 grams of candied fruits per day, you can improve the condition of hair and skin.

The use of candied fruits from orange peels is that they are a source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients important for the body. Of course, during the heat treatment some of these compounds are lost, but to a small extent. Fiber , which is part of the crust, provides good digestion, cleansing the body of slagging and fast saturation. Therefore candied fruits are often recommended by nutritionists, but in minimal quantities.

Candied fruits from orange and lemon peels are a worthy alternative to sweets. They will help diversify the daily menu and enrich it with vitamins. But to replace with candied fruits the use of fresh fruits is still not worth it.

If there are candied fruits in large quantities, then you can cause harm to the body. It often manifests itself in increasing the level of sugar, the appearance of fat deposits, skin problems. Do not forget about contraindications. First of all, this sweetness is forbidden to people suffering from diabetes.