Cover for marriage certificate - master class with photo

We all strive to preserve the most important moments of our lives. One of these moments is, of course, a wedding and, of course, getting a marriage certificate. You can save it in a regular file, or you can create a special folder and add to your favorite photos.

Cover for a marriage certificate in the technique of self-scrapbooking - a master class

Necessary tools and materials:

How to make a cover for a marriage certificate?

  1. From the usual white cardboard we make the basis for the folder and glue it together with the sintepon.
  2. Sew the fabric of two kinds and tighten the cover so that the monophonic tissue was on the front.
  3. The inner part of the fold is glued with a cloth.
  4. We cover the cover from all sides, including the junction of two types of fabric.
  5. On the cover we make a layout out of pictures and ornaments. Then we sew all the elements from the top layers to the bottom ones. For reliability, you can take a picture of the layout so you do not forget the location of the parts.
  6. You can supplement the cover with the help of brads or rhinestones.
  7. At the back of the cover we install the eyelets and pass the rubber band, which will keep the folder closed.
  8. For the inner part of the folder, we prepare two cardboard elements with a size of 27x21, two paper 26.5x20x5 and glue them together.
  9. On one of the details we sew a transparent plastic pocket.
  10. On the second part we sew a substrate for the photo of the desired size.
  11. We decorate the inscription with the help of powder for embossing (it can be replaced with acrylic paint).
  12. The last step is gluing in the internal parts.

You can also make a cover for your passport with your own hands.

The author of the master class is Maria Nikishova.