Exercises for stretching the whole body

Scientists have proved that without regular stretching of muscles, mobility of joints decreases, which negatively affects the quality of life. Exercises for stretching the whole body are simple, but they have a number of advantages, for example, decreases muscle tension, increases joint mobility, improves coordination of movements , blood circulation, etc. Such exercises are useful for people who are engaged in sports, to improve the results.

Complex exercises for stretching the whole body

To begin with, consider a few rules that need to be considered in order to achieve good results and avoid injuries:

  1. Before training, you need to warm up properly, because without it the risk of injury is too high. It is best to choose any aerobic direction.
  2. All exercises for stretching at home perform smoothly without any sudden movements.
  3. During the workout, you should try to relax as much as possible, because at tension the muscle strain worsens.
  4. It is important to keep your back in a level position, and breathe smoothly and without delay.
  5. To get results, you need to train regularly at least three times a week. The duration of one lesson is 30-50 minutes.
  6. Exercises for stretching the house must be carried out symmetrically, spending an equal amount of time. Otherwise, the result is not obtained.
  7. Minor discomfort during training is acceptable, but with strong painful senses, the activity must be stopped.

Now let's go directly to the exercises for stretching the muscles, which can be used in home training.

  1. For stretching the muscles of the back . Stand on your knees, placing your buttocks on either your heels, or between them. Lean forward and extend your hands as far forward as possible. It is necessary to continue to bend down to the peak stretching in the waist region. At the end point, a stop is made.
  2. For stretching the latissimus muscles of the back . Approach the wall so that it was about a step, and bend into it with a hand bent at the elbow (look at the picture). Lean your body forward until you feel tension in your back. Lock the position and relax.
  3. For stretching the shoulders . Pull out one arm in front of you and hold it so that it is parallel with the floor. Then grasp the elbow with the other hand and pull the arm to the opposite shoulder. It is important that the movements occur in a parallel plane. After this, repeat the same and on the other side.
  4. For stretching the hips and buttocks . Deep attacks are one of the best stretch exercises , as it allows you to stretch the muscles of the back, buttocks of the hips, groin and calves. Make a deep lunge with one foot, and with the second knee touch the floor. Try to keep your foot as far away as possible. After that, exhale and reach for the front leg, fixing the position. Repeat on both feet.
  5. For stretching the gluteal muscles . Sit on your back, stretch your legs forward, and then, one leg bend at the knee and clasp her hands. Gently press on the knee, pulling it to the face. At maximum stretching, be sure to stay for a while. Repeat on both feet.
  6. For stretching the pectoral muscles . To perform this exercise, stand up straight with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Put your hands on the lower back so that your fingers are pointing down and your shoulders are back. The task is to gently pull the shoulders back, trying to put them together.
  7. For stretching the muscles of the hips and abdomen . Stand on your knees, placing feet wider than the pelvis. First sit on the buttocks, and then, slowly lean back and lie on your back.