How do you know if a married man loves you?

Women and men are very different from each other. These differences can be observed not only in characters, but also in the behavior of lovers. So, the guy almost at once can guess, that to it feel feelings. But the girls in this regard are much more difficult, since it is rare for a man to actively show signs of his love. Representatives of the stronger sex will try to maintain the strength of character , steadfastness and steadfastness in any situation.

How do you know if a married man loves you?

The behavior of a man in love who has a wife is similar to the habits of a free guy. To make sure of the presence or absence of feelings on his part, you should pay attention to the following: the manner of communication, his appearance, how much time he is trying to give, whether he makes gifts without reason.

Determine whether you like a married man is easy, because in most cases, enough analysis of communication. The following signs will indicate the presence of feelings:

  1. A man listens attentively to every word of his companion. He tries to understand her.
  2. Take a closer look at the topics of conversation. If communication is limited only by everyday life, there are no feelings . A loving married man will talk about his family, friends and relatives. Even the most intimate secrets.
  3. A man not only listens to problems, but also tries to solve them.

To understand that a married man loves you both in his attitude towards a woman and in appearance. A man in love will never allow himself to appear in the presence of his passion in an unattractive way. On a date, he seeks to put on new things or his best shirts. An exception in this case may be sloppy men who do not follow their appearance.

How does a loving married man behave himself?

  1. He tries to give as much time as possible to his beloved, even to the detriment of the family. At the same time, he can sacrifice watching football or going on a hunt or fishing.
  2. The man gives gifts, makes surprises without a reason, tries to provide signs of attention.
  3. He is attentive, afraid to offend with a rude word.
  4. When meeting tries to touch, affectionately call.
  5. A married man says that he loves, while his view is sincere, gentle and kind.