How to cook ramen?

In Japan and Korea, and in China, too, ramen is considered fast food, but it is also served in restaurants. For those who have at least once tried it and want to reproduce the recipe at home, we will tell you how to do it.

How to cook a ramen from Naruto in Japanese with an egg?

This recipe will be appreciated by fans of anime, in particular "Naruto", whose protagonist is a fan of this dish.



Let's start with broth, put it on a chicken with carrots and onions, add the celery stalk cut into 3 parts, do not salt it, water needs a liter. Pork is rolled into a roll, wrapped with food twine and fried in a very hot frying pan on all sides to seal all the juices inside. Next, put in a saucepan, add garlic and peeled and chopped ginger. Fill with water so that only to cover the meat. Add soy sauce instead of salt and set to cook for half an hour. Still cook fish broth on the shavings of tuna and cleanse the shrimp, water for all this is about a liter.

Noodles boil in a lot of slightly salted water.

Fish cut into slices and quickly fry, and fry and shrimp.

All broths are filtered and mixed, if salt can not be added. From the pork roll remove the twine and cut into slices.

Now we collect the soup: put the noodles in the bowl with the broth. We put a couple of slices of fish and meat, a couple of shrimp, half egg, sprinkle with chopped green onions and decorate the side with a piece of nori. Bon Appetit!

How to cook soup ramen at home?

For this version of the home ramen you can take any broth, the base can be chicken thigh, and pork ribs. Noodles can be taken as a thin homemade, and quick cooking, in principle, will come down and spaghetti.



Pork cut into small cubes and marinate in a small amount of soy sauce. For now, we'll clean and dry the carrot. If time allows, you can chop it and cut it or rub it like a Korean salad. Garlic can also be grinded on a grater or squeezed through a press. In a frying pan, at a high temperature, so that the juice does not come out, fry the meat for about 10 minutes and add the carrot with garlic. Fry for another five minutes, so that the carrots softened and went garlic flavor. Remove from the fire and put it aside. In the soup bowl we pour hot broth, report a little noodles and add a fry of meat and carrots. The quantity of each component is determined to your taste, adjusting the density. Also add a little pickled ginger, and even you can drop a little marinade for sourness. Soy sauce here replaces salt, so we top it directly into the plate as much as you want, sprinkle with chopped green onions. That's how all the ingredients of soup are stored separately, and in the finished dish they are already transformed into a plate.