Lose weight from running?

Of course lose weight! Any physical load within reasonable limits causes the body to spend accumulated stocks of fat, removes accumulated harmful substances with it, tones up internal organs, as a result - weight loss , vigor of spirit and body, good physical shape and excellent mood!

How to lose weight by running - where to start?

But running helps to lose weight only if you approach this issue thoughtfully and seriously. If you are not a professional runner, then you can not calculate the loads that fit you right away. To begin with, do the easiest workout, like runners and soccer players do - jump in place, do a few inclines back and forth, wave your hands. You can make a few simple dance steps for good music. All this will help you avoid stretching, not used to running muscles. After 5-7 minutes of such a warm-up you are ready to run. Shoes should be suitable - preferably good running shoes, clothes - for the season ...

How to choose the right place to lose weight from running?

So, you, full of doubts on the topic of losing weight from running, go to your first "race". Choose the place where you will run - this is very important! Do not run in places of congestion - they will embarrass you and get under your feet. The best places are a stadium, a forest park, an embankment. It is especially important to warn you against running alongside the roadway or along the highway. First, it is dangerous, and secondly, during the run your lungs and heart work with increased activity and consume oxygen much more than usual, and you can "sniff" so much harmful substances that your running will be just dangerous for health

Believe me, after you calm your brain and get rid of thoughts, whether running helps to lose weight, and this can happen only in a calm and secluded situation, where nobody is staring at your imperfect figure, while the run itself will be much easier.

Choose the speed for running and losing weight

Do not rush headlong, start slowly, almost a step, then go to a light jog, and then feel for yourself what rhythm of running suits you. For the first time, 20 minutes is enough. Run do not end abruptly, but gradually slowing down and moving to a step. Analyze your condition, measure your pulse, twist your joints and if it's okay, take a warm shower at home and get ready to do it again tomorrow. Loads choose according to your conditions, the main thing is not to overexert yourself, because running for you should be a useful pleasure, not torture.


If you did everything as outlined above - then you burned 300 calories, how can there still be questions, like, why run from losing weight! Physical activity, accelerated heartbeat, breathing, blood rushes to get into every working cell - the metabolism at the highest level, no fat will not stand.

Naturally, you now have an appetite, but do not attack the food, but rather drink not cold water with lemon, it will give you strength and increase immunity.

It is desirable to run, according to the latest scientific studies in the afternoon (for example, after work) but not early in the morning and not late at night. Run regularly and do not take long breaks. They are very harmful!

If everything is done correctly, then weight loss and excellent tone are guaranteed to you!