Movies that make you think

How long have you watched a movie masterpiece that turned your mind over, motivating to look differently at the surrounding reality? What are they, films that make you think? No wonder there is such a thing as cinema therapy. This area of ​​art therapy helps a person find answers to many questions of interest to him, to overcome the black streak in life, to cope with a depressed state, etc.

Best movies that make you think

  1. "Away from you" (2005). Film, telling about different generations, their vision of the life path: grandmothers, mothers and sisters. This film will tell you how to maintain family harmony, while not losing yourself in the turmoil of everyday problems.
  2. "The child prodigy" (2000). A film about the relationship of the teacher and his student, seeking inspiration, overcoming the creative crisis and applying non-standard solutions in various life situations.
  3. "The Fisher King" (1991). Despite the fact that the film is far from being new, it will be able to open its eyes to its audience for true friendship. It is worth noting that the movie makes you think about the relationships of the opposite sexes. In addition, it will help to find answers to the question of the crisis of middle age.
  4. "Education of Rita" (1982). Expand your horizons. From a different angle, look at your own life, everyday activities.
  5. "Great expectations" (2012). A film based on the same name by Charles Dickens. Having looked at it, you will understand, with the example of Miss Havisham, what happens to those who refuse to struggle with grief.
  6. "Knockin 'on Heaven" (1997). Hurry to realize your dreams . Look at the lives of those who have only a few days left to live on this earth.
  7. "The Truman Show" (1998). You are responsible for your own life. To realize this, the protagonist helps overcome the feeling that there is a false reality presented by the majority.
  8. "Peaceful warrior . " This film, which makes you think about life, will open your eyes to what should be called really important values. Paradoxical as it may sound, the film is to share the secret of control over the life chaos.
  9. "In the wild" (2007). Tells about a young, bold traveler, who goes to meet adventures in the wild Alaska. In each episode, a considerable number of wise phrases motivating to think about many things. What this cost alone is: "The development of the spirit of each person is impossible in the absence of new experience."
  10. "Always say yes" (2008). All the favorite comedian Jim Carrey plays an ordinary, average American, who at heart feels, for many years, unhappy. Do you want to fill your life with meaning, add bright colors to every day? Then instead of a dull "no", tell her "yes."
  11. "My name is Khan" (2010). This useful film makes you think about your attitude to people around you. So, the protagonist of the drama, Khan, a Muslim, is sick with autism. He finds his happiness in America, but the tragedy of September 11 brings sadness to his home. The young man sets himself the goal to see the president in order to convince him that he is not a terrorist.
  12. "Hurry to love" (2002). A film that makes you think about love, how you should value your second half, is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.
  13. "Mr. No one" (2009). Did you know that each of your actions affects the balance of the universe? The main character will teach you to treat life as an invaluable gift.