Mushroom soup with cheese

We offer you several options for cooking mushroom soup with cheese. This simple dish with a fairly simple set of ingredients amazes with its delicious creamy taste and inviting mushroom aroma.

The basis of our recipes are ordinary champignons. But if you have the opportunity to replace them with forest mushrooms, then certainly use it. From this, the taste of the dish will become even more intense.

Mushroom soup with champignons with melted cheese - recipe



Onion is rid of the husks, shredded small cubes and browned in a skillet in a mixture of vegetable and butter for about seven to ten minutes, stirring. Then we put the carrots through the grater and fry for another five minutes.

Champignons mine, cut finely and also put in a frying pan. We put out everything for fifteen minutes under the lid and put it into a saucepan. We pour the boiled water, boil for five to seven minutes, and add the cream cheese. When it completely disperse, add salt to the soup, if necessary, season it with freshly ground black pepper and squeeze garlic through the press. Turn off the fire and, after covering the pan with a lid, let the dish brew for ten to fifteen minutes.

Mushroom cream soup with melted cheese - recipe



We clear the potato tubers from the skins, finely chopped and piled into a saucepan. Fill them with filtered water and bring to a boil. After ten minutes, throw the melted cheese and stir the contents of the pan until they dissolve.

Meanwhile, we clean the onions and brown on olive or butter in five minutes. Add pre-washed and cut champignons and let them under the lid until ready.

When the potatoes are ready, and the cheese is completely melted, add salt, ground black pepper, Provencal herbs and put on mushrooms with onions.

We break the mass with a blender to a homogeneous mash, warm again to a boil and turn off the stove.

We serve aromatic soup-puree with croutons or crackers and any fresh herbs for your taste.

Mushroom soup with melted cheese in a multivark



Onions are cleaned, shredded in half rings and put into the oiled capacity of the multivark. Brush it a bit, setting the device to the "Frying" or "Baking" mode. Then we send the carrot passed through the grater and fry for another five minutes. Now lay the pre-cleaned and chopped tubers of potatoes and mushrooms and stand in the same program for another fifteen minutes. At the end of the time, add the cream cheese, salt, ground black pepper, nutmeg, bay leaves and pour filtered to boiling water.

We translate the device into "Quenching" mode and prepare the dish for fifty minutes.

Ready-made aromatic soup served with fresh herbs.