Oblique muscles of the press

Most of the trainees know perfectly well which exercises load the upper and lower muscles of the press, but do not always effectively include the oblique muscles. Let's see what they are and how much attention they should pay.

Muscles of the press - anatomy

The oblique muscles of the press are designed to twist the body. The internal oblique abdominal muscle is located deep, closer to the back, and the outer oblique abdominal muscle is respectively close to the surface. During the tilt to the right, the right external oblique muscle turns on and the left internal muscle and vice versa. It is important that these muscles are toned, as this is the guarantee of the health of your spine, as well as the normal position of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. A weak muscle tone in the lumbar region can even create asymmetry in the waist.

Strengthening the muscles of the press

So, the importance of this group of muscles of the press is clear, let's look at the exercises that give the desired effect. In the list of your exercises should be enough elements with the twisting of the body in different directions.

The newbie's mistake: many believe that shaking the press, they will get rid of excess fat in the waist. Unfortunately, you will have to disappoint. Yes, the load forces the body to draw energy from the reserves, but without a diet you can not do. Moreover, if you perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of the press, you can get the desired effect back. Instead of a thin waist, you will become the owner of her "extended" version. This is due to the fact that the muscles are strengthened and slightly increase in volume, plus the amount of fat layer added to it that you have not burned yet. Especially quickly such a negative effect is seen from the performance of lateral slopes (with them be extremely careful and do not get carried away by them). As a result, you have a wonderful press, hidden under the fat and discontent with yourself after every look in the mirror. But it's worthwhile for you to revise your diet and start to maintain a proper healthy diet, and the result will surprise you.

While performing exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abdominal press, carefully monitor the technique. If you work on the upper muscles and make twists on the floor or on an incline bench, make sure that your elbows are not folded and do not pull your head with your hands (this is an extra burden on the neck). When working on oblique muscles, try to fix the hips in one position and thus isolate the target area. Twisting you can perform as standing upright, and in the slope, when the body is parallel to the floor. If the exercises are given to you too easily, you can use weighting agents. Pick up dumbbells, a ball with sand or a pancake from the bar. Try to avoid too sudden movements to avoid injury, especially if the muscles are not yet heated enough.

Equally effective exercise will be classic twists on the floor, with the only difference being that you are elbowing the right hand to the left knee and vice versa.

Do not forget one important point: your goal is to maintain the slanting muscles of the press in a tone, but do not pump them. How to understand when to stop and stop increasing the load? It is enough to look in the mirror. If all the same you missed the point when you should click on the brakes, do not get discouraged. It is enough to temporarily exclude any exercises on oblique muscles, and they will soon decrease in size. Work on yourself, feel like a sculptor and create a body that you have always dreamed of.