Topiary "Flying cup" with your own hands

Many of you have seen such an unusual interior craft as a flying cup, as if suspended in the air, from which water falls flowers, beads or coffee beans . Today I want to tell you and show you how to make such a topiary a flying cup. This is not as difficult as it seems. The most important thing, as always, is to have imagination and taste! Well, of course, the desire!

Topiarii a floating cup with flowers - a master class

We need:

So, let's make the topiary a flying cup step by step:

  1. First we will make a saucer and a cup. We need to connect these 2 elements by wire. For this, bend the wire in the right form. Calculate the height, cut off the desired length. Now you need to calculate the bending of the wire so that the cup is in the center of the saucer and does not outweigh. When the wire is ready, we begin to glue, but for this, degrease the saucer and the cup with acetone and disc.
  2. It is not necessary to degrease everything, only those places where the wire will touch.
  3. Glue, and leave to cool. I want to pay special attention to glues. Someone glues with glue, some with silicone, etc. But, from personal experience, I prefer just a silicone stick for the gun glue. She dries very fast, in 5 minutes, and keeps it well! The most important secret is degrease!
  4. We have one whole already.
  5. When the silicone is dry, we take burlap, and close our wire, so this will serve as the basis where we will all stick it.
  6. Now, start chaotically pasting flowers, in a direction from top to bottom, so that there is a flower waterfall effect.
  7. At the bottom of the saucer we can paste leaves, greens. Also, large florets are also better to glue on a saucer. In the cup glue small. Add greens, beetles, beads. At the bottom of the cup itself, you can also glue flowers, or sign. The inscription can be both congratulatory and sign, whose work.
  8. On the cup you can glue a bow, a butterfly. The bow can be formed from a satin ribbon.

Knowing all these small and not complex tricks, you can make a topiarian a flying cup yourself, and not buy it in the store! I wish you all a good mood, beautiful works and creative success!