Unisex love

Everyone, regardless of gender and age, wants to be loved. The need for mutual feelings manifests itself with age.

Loneliness is something that we try to avoid in our life. And it does not matter who we love - a representative of the opposite or of his gender. Unisex love is the topic of today's conversation.

The reasons for same-sex love

Relations between the representatives of the same sex have always been, at all times. In the past centuries, these manifestations of feelings were hidden from the public. But now same-sex relations are few people surprised. To judge a person for his "peculiarity", right, is absurd and stupid. Everyone lives as he wants. Respect people, whatever orientation they are, it is our duty. Because if we do not respect, why should others treat us differently?

Why does a person not want to build relationships with the opposite sex and what does he find in same-sex love?

The psychology of same-sex love lies in the desire to find someone who could understand, accept a person as he is, surround with sincere love and care.

Unisex female love

Love between young girls, usually in adolescence, is due not to the end formed by sexuality. During puberty, the psyche of girls is very unstable, hence the various kinds of sexual deviation, including same-sex love.

The same-sex love of women, the older age, is due to the attraction to the strong / weak half. What does this mean? The fact is that a real man needs to look. Strong, intelligent, responsible and responsive - look for it in the day with fire, as they say. Modern female representatives are often very strong, independent and wealthy. Sometimes a lady may have a desire to care for and give love to a gentle, affectionate and weak woman. The latter, in turn, is looking for a strong half, she needs security. If a man can not give it, then there is no choice.

Unisex male love

The love of men to each other is due to the weakness of many of them. If in a heterosexual relationship a woman morally "crushed" a man and he was henpecked, then involuntarily they change places. Conclusion: women, take care of the masculine in their loved ones, do not make them like yourself.

The physiology of men explains the same-sex gay love. Since most of the erogenous points, the centers of pleasure are focused in the male anus, hence the attraction to sex with a same-sex partner. Perhaps these relationships will be built exclusively on sex. It is not surprising that a man can be an exemplary family man, but to have such a "small" secret of an intimate nature.

Private opinion

To love another person (namely, a person) is a great art and a vital necessity. However, it is worth remembering that only in the union of men and women are children born. You can not go against nature. A child should not have two fathers or two mothers. Therefore, the problem of adoption of same-sex partners should be categorically rejected. To love - please, but to educate your own kind, to injure children - God forbid.