Why do women love with their ears, and men with their eyes?

How many men attack the same rake, in search of an economic, faithful and prolific woman, but invariably choose sexy, bitchy and capricious individuals! And women? They complain that the men have gone some wrong now - irresponsible and lazy, but they need to hear from them words of love, as they are ready to solve all of them for themselves and hump it up in three works. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation why women love with their ears, and men with their eyes.

Scientific point of view

As is known, women have more developed left hemisphere of the brain, and in men - right. The left is responsible for speech, and the right is for perception. And in women, the zone responsible for sexual arousal is in the immediate vicinity of the brain region responsible for hearing. As a result, the nerve impulses that come from the senses through the nerve channels, use adjacent zones, and the woman is excited by the fact that he hears the voice of a man, the reception catching not only the intonation, but the message itself. In addition, the woman's brain weighs 100 grams less (!) Male, which means that the neurons in it are closer to each other, the exchange of information occurs faster, which means faster processes of thinking.

That's why the notorious expression "female logic" appeared. Representatives of the fair sex can do several things at once, they are thrown from side to side. They can think one thing, say the second and do the third. Now it is clear why women love with their ears, and men with their eyes because nature itself programmed their body to inseminate as many women as possible, because they are responsible for reproduction. If a woman were excited from the mere sight of a man, there would be a catastrophe and an overpopulation of the planet. The man, excited at the sight of a beautiful woman, automatically ready to become a father, but the woman still needs to understand what kind of father he will be - good or bad and then make a decision about the expediency of coition.

The psychological side of the question

From the point of view of psychology, a woman loves ears, because she wants to feel wanted and most-most. Daily compliments and heart-to-heart talks are needed for her like air. She regards the partner's silence as indifference and without finding a response in his soul, will look for him somewhere else. Those who are interested in why women love with their ears, you can answer that she falls in love with the words, the romance and fairy tale, which her partner gives her with sincere conversations. Women love with their ears and for one phrase: "I love you" are ready to roll mountains and drag on themselves all the hardships of family life, having time to follow the house, and to educate children, and work, and to please the husband.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are freedom-loving, and even in a permanent relationship, they are not averse to having an affair on the side, justifying themselves that it is nature's fault. They simply can not ignore the call of some young and very sexy "female" who is in reproductive age. But here a lot will depend on education, the views of every particular man on marriage and fidelity of partners, because people are different from animals, they know how to think and calculate the consequences of their actions. Having managed to give up temptation, he understands why he does it, but to suppress desire in himself, looking at half-dressed women on the street, in public transport or cinema, he can not.

So they build relationships with each other as blind with the dumb, studying the characteristics of the sexes and learning to negotiate. A man will never leave a woman if he understands that she is so good that she will never be left alone, and his partner in turn will take off another noodle from his ears and love his faithful without a memory.