How to cook coffee in Turkey?

Everyone who has ever tried correctly brewed coffee, never and never will not exchange this magic drink for coffee from a bag. If you do not know how to properly cook coffee in a Turk , first determine what type of coffee you will brew, on what and what Turku you will use.

About types of coffee

First of all remember that coffee is in grains, and it can be fried, and no, or ground. Milling is also different. Consider the options. Coffee beans are usually preferable to buy: you not only see the quality of coffee, you can feel its initial flavor, but you also regulate both the degree of roasting and fineness of grinding. If there is no experience in making coffee, it is better to start with roast ground coffee offered by solid producer firms. Second - coffee is pure and mixed, that is blended. The pure-bred types of coffee are arabica (it's more expensive) and robusta (it's cheaper), usually indicate the region where coffee grew. For example, Arabica from Nicaragua. If coffee has romantic-beautiful names, such as "Kenyan sunset" or "Royal Dream", then it is a mixture of different varieties, it is usually also flavored. Such coffee can seriously change the taste and aroma in the cooking process, so think for yourself if it's worth the risk.

Brew coffee at home

Those who have ever seen how coffee is brewed in Turkey know that a roaster with hot sand is needed to make a tasty drink, and therefore the question arises as to how to make coffee in the Turkish house correctly. In fact, everything is simple - coffee is brewed on a regular stove, but, of course, there are some tricks. Tell you how to cook tasty coffee in a Turk.



We pour water into the Turk and put it on the fire. What should be the fire - at the first stage is not important. But when water boils with a key, we make heating minimal. We pour coffee and cinnamon and, holding the Turk in the upper layers of the flame of the burner, we wait, when the liquid boils and the foam disappears. This usually takes about 2 minutes. Turn off the fire, add a couple of crystals of salt and a couple of drops of cold water. In a cup we put sugar, pour cognac on it (you can, of course, do without alcohol), pour in coffee. In this case, if you know how to weld coffee with cinnamon in a Turkish, it is quite easy to diversify this drink, replacing cinnamon, for example, with nutmeg or cardamom. As you can see, it is not difficult to weld strong coffee in a Turk. To get a less strong drink, just reduce the amount of coffee per serving.

Coffee with milk

Many people like to complement flavored coffee with a creamy taste. We'll talk right away. The answer to the frequently asked question: how to boil coffee in a Turk with milk - in any way. Milk will have to be added later, only so it turns out to be a really delicious drink. If you cook coffee on milk, it will get an unpleasant aftertaste of overheated milk. Tell you how to make coffee in turk with foam.



First we boil water. In boiling water, we pour coffee and hold it for a short time on low heat, so that the coffee will boil for half a minute or a little longer. Turn it off, add sugar. Milk slightly warmed and using a mixer, whisk into a foam. Coffee poured into a tall glass or a cup, into it a thin trickle pour the milk. We get a delicious drink with a delicate creamy taste and aromatic foam. As you can see, it is not a problem to make ground coffee in a Turk. If coffee is in beans, simply grind it with a coffee grinder to the desired consistency.