How to write a resume - rules and examples of successful summaries

A resume is one of the main components of the job search required. It is important to make it right, because according to the submitted text, the employer will create the first impression of a potential employee and will conclude whether it is necessary to schedule an interview or not.

How to write a resume?

Many people relate to writing a resume irresponsibly and this is a big mistake. There are a few tips on how to write a resume correctly to be noticed:

  1. It is important to specify only the information that corresponds to the selected vacancy.
  2. Imagine that a resume is a marketing tool, because employers are buyers and the product should be well represented.
  3. Provide clear information, without unnecessary details.
  4. Use word-actions in the text, for example, prepare, check, represent, and so on.
  5. Even if the competitor knows many different terms, you do not have to try to insert them into each sentence, since the text should be read easily.
  6. If possible, show the written summary for the review to the competent person.

Personal qualities for a resume

Personnel managers assure that an empty clause about a person's personal qualities is a serious mistake, because often he is decisive in making a decision. It is important for the employer to see how the applicant independently evaluates himself. There are several recommendations on how to write a resume correctly, that is, a paragraph about personal qualities:

  1. There is no need to specify more than five characteristics.
  2. Do not use templating and meaningless phrases, since the main goal is to interest.
  3. If a person does not know what to write, then you can use two universal options: perfect learning ability and readiness to work supernorms.
  4. The main thing is to meet all the declared qualities.

Example of personal qualities for some posts


attentiveness, stress and responsibility


literacy, well-spoken speech and diligence

Sales Manager

communicative, non-standard thinking and activity

Head of

concentration, contact, ability to organize and manage people

Business qualities for a resume

During the preparation of the resume, it must be remembered that this is an original proposal of yourself, as an investment in the future for the development of the company. A proper resume must necessarily contain a list of the competitor's professional qualities, as it makes it clear the effectiveness of his job and the value for the company. Given the great competition, good education and work experience is not a guarantee for employment. There are tips on how to write a resume and describe business qualities:

  1. Do not write all the known qualities, because it raises doubts about the veracity of the information.
  2. Enough 4-6 positions, and they will certainly need to be demonstrated in the interview.
  3. If you want the resume to be noticed, then discard the template words and state the information from yourself.

Example of business qualities for some posts

Analysts, economists, accountants and technical specialists

attention to detail, foresight, the ability to collect and analyze information, analytical skills , accuracy

Work that involves active communication with people

communicability, literate speech, stress resistance, teamwork, politeness and ethics

Knowledge and skills in the resume

Many employers pay special attention to the knowledge of the applicant, because they allow you to understand whether you need to continue to work with him or not. To interest the employer, you need to know what to write in the CV about yourself.

  1. The text should not be boring and stretched. Present the information clearly, concisely, giving an unambiguous answer.
  2. Point out the knowledge and skills for the resume that you really have, because sooner or later they will have to be demonstrated.
  3. Do not use abstruse phrases and terms, information should be stated in plain language.

Example of knowledge and skills for some posts


high level of ownership 1C, skills of working with the cash book, ability to make an inventory


presence of rights of a certain category, length of service, ability to work with travel documents

Shop assistant

the passed courses and trainings, ability to work with cash register, knowledge on objects of sales

Weaknesses in the resume

Talk about their shortcomings may not all, but for their own presentation, it will have to be done. According to information provided by HR managers, a huge number of people make mistakes in describing their weaknesses. To make a resume for a job correctly, consider the following recommendations:

  1. You do not need to write a huge list of your minuses, enough 2-3 positions.
  2. To create a resume is good, write about the shortcomings that can be corrected by working on yourself.
  3. Many chiefs look at the "weak points" to understand the adequacy, sincerity and self-criticism of the applicant.

Strengths in the resume

In this column, employers want to see not business qualities, but positive features that distinguish the applicant from among others. To increase your chances to qualify for an interview, it is important to know how to write a resume, given some of the nuances:

  1. Be sincere and do not ascribe to yourself non-existent abilities, because deception can be the cause of failure.
  2. Choose 2-3 character traits and write about each on the proposal. For example, sociable (she was engaged in journalism and interviewed different people, worked on conducting interviews).
  3. It is better to describe the pair of qualities in a more original and detailed manner than to offer a banal list.
  4. Describe the strengths for a resume, focusing on job requirements.

Key skills in the resume

Recruiters argue that if the applicant at this point writes the usual list of banal qualities, then the risk that the paper will be in the trash can significantly increases. To understand how to make the right resume, you need to know the exact definition of the skill, since it means the kind of activity that is brought to automatism.

  1. When completing this section, think about what can be useful in the chosen position and why I am suitable for this work.
  2. The compilation of the resume implies the indication of professional (functional, and managerial), personal qualities and habits.
  3. Provide information specifically and concisely. For example, a lot of experience in trade (10 years of experience and 5 of them - the head of the department)

Personal achievements in the resume

In this section, the applicant must indicate his own advantages in comparison with other applicants. The achievements in the summary show that a person is ready to achieve results and develop the company.

  1. Use when describing such a formula: "problem + action = result".
  2. Specify professional and personal data, but they should at least somehow contribute to the work.
  3. Avoid common phrases and write in the language of business, and specifically without any unnecessary information.
  4. Describe the events as a fact.

Goal in Resume

Here the applicant shows his demands, so it is necessary to indicate the position or several that interest. If several vacancies are described, but they should be similar in functionality. Here you can specify the desired salary.

  1. Creating a resume involves a clear and concise statement of information, so this section should not take more than 2-3 lines.
  2. Do not write blurry phrases, for example, "I want to get a job with a high salary and a good perspective."

More information in the CV

This section gives a chance to describe yourself as a professional, and to interest the employer. If it does not fill, it could mean that the person has nothing more to say about himself. Finding out how to properly write a resume, it is worth noting that there are no strict rules for processing this section. Here the applicant writes what has not been included in other sections, but is, in his opinion, important. Please note that additional data should not overload the resume. There is an approximate list of what to write in the CV about yourself:

Hobbies for CVs

Given the great competition in the labor market, HR managers increasingly pay attention to information about how a job seeker spends his free time, as this can tell a lot about his personality. Ideally, if personal interests match the chosen position, for example, the designer likes to photograph and draw. Write to the resume you can about these hobbies:

  1. Sports that demonstrate endurance, perseverance, perseverance and activity. As for extreme sports, they indicate the willingness of a person to take a justified risk.
  2. Creative classes say that the applicant is creative and talented.
  3. The love of travel shows that a person can plan his actions, is versatile and active.
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