Kinds of motives

Perhaps, all will agree with the opinion that people are motivated by certain motives and nothing is done just like that. Let's try to discover together the basic concepts and types of motives.

Human motivation is the driving force that triggers physical and mental functions, as well as encourages a person to become active and achieve a certain goal. Types of motives can be divided into two levels: preservation and achievement. Most often people use only the first option and all their strength is aimed at keeping the already created one. As for the motivation for achieving, they require constant activity to get what they want. Let's look at the existing types of motives in a more developed version.

Types of motives and their characteristics

  1. External - arise on the basis of external components, for example, after seeing the other person's desired thing, there is a desire to make money and also to acquire it.
  2. Internal - arise within the person, it can be a desire to change the situation, create your own business, etc.
  3. Positive - are attached to positive statements, for example, "I will work hard, I will get a lot of money," etc.
  4. Negative - based on factors that repel people from making mistakes, for example "if I oversleep, I'll be late", etc.
  5. Stable - aimed at meeting initial needs.
  6. Unstable - require constant reinforcement.

One can single out the following types of motives in psychology: the motive for self-affirmation , identification (the desire to be like an idol), authorities, procedural (desire to engage in a beloved activity), self-development, achievements, prosocial (responsibility to society), affiliations (maintaining good relationships with others) .

The functions and types of motives encourage a person to act, create and direct his activities in the right direction, and supervise and support behavior that is aimed at achieving results.

Types of motives and needs of man were created in order that he could correctly determine his activities and engage in those processes that can benefit him and society. Human behavior is formed on the basis of what he wants to get in the end.

Kinds of motives of activity are some kind of the catalyst which starts in the person activity and kindle enthusiasm. For successful development of activities, a person needs to competently create a mode of work and learn to control himself. Self-motivation gives birth to other types of motives, which also induce a person to active activity.

Do not forget that in order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to ask a suitable motive for this.