The chest hurts, but there are no monthly

Many women celebrated themselves in such a situation, when they have a chest before menstruation, and they themselves do not have a monthly period. Consider this situation in more detail and try to name the most common reasons for such a phenomenon.

Why can there be no menstruation?

The first thing that any woman begins to think about when she is delayed is pregnancy. Increasingly, such a thought arises in the mind of those girls who had sexual intercourse during ovulation. Often in such cases, trying to find out the reason, the woman notes that there are no menstruation, and the chest hurts, despite the fact that the pregnancy test is negative. It is necessary to say that it is possible to learn about the onset of pregnancy with the help of the usual rapid test (all known strips) only after 12-14 days from the moment of sexual intercourse. Precisely because from the moment of conception the time has not passed yet, the test will show a negative result.

The second possible reason that the girl has a chest pain, and at the same time the stomach, and there are no monthly ones, there may be a change in the hormonal background in the body. These changes can occur for various reasons. Often this is a consequence of taking hormonal drugs, in particular oral contraceptives. So many girls complain about taking these medicines for various cycle disorders, among which the most common is delay.

Also an explanation of why the chest is very sore, and there are no menstruation, there may be such a violation as mastopathy . The cause of its development is often a change in the hormonal background. With such a disease, girls often complain about the fact that they have increased and chest pain, but there are no monthly ones. When palpation of the breast, you can find small seals, - the breast becomes swollen, severe, acquires a hyperemic color. In such situations, you need to seek medical advice.

What should I do if my chest hurts, but there are no menstruation?

The first thing a girl should do is go to the doctor. Only with the help of ultrasound or blood analysis can you establish the fact of pregnancy at a very short time.

If there is no pregnancy, doctors start examining the female reproductive organs. To do this, take swabs on the flora, prescribe a blood test for hormones, perform a smear on bakposev, in order to exclude infectious diseases of the genitals.

After establishing the cause and, if necessary, correction, doctors prescribe treatment. The girl must fully follow the medical recommendations and comply with his appointment.