Wine diet for weight loss - the most effective options for rapid weight loss

Lose weight is always hard. Restrictions in nutrition veto many types of food - fatty, salty, sweet. And, as a rule, it is forbidden to drink alcohol. An exception is the wine diet, which makes an alcoholic beverage one of its main components.

What kind of wine do you drink on a diet?

All diets give clear recommendations that need to be followed to throw off even a few kilograms without a refund. From alcohol is not wasted for the time of losing weight:

Consuming just one sip of alcohol can turn all previous achievements into dust. Harmful and dangerous are both strong drinks and beer, but some practices show that white or red wine can be drunk with a diet, so it will not become less effective. The main thing is to observe the strict restrictions and dosage set. Red wine for weight loss - an ideal option, but you can use dry white. The quality of the drink depends a lot. Instead of a cheap surrogate, it is better to choose famous brands: Isabella, Merlot, Cabernet, Bordeaux.

Wine diet for weight loss

Natural grape wine has a beneficial effect on the body, if they are not abused. And this fact was confirmed by many scientists. Drink speeds up metabolic processes in the body, helps to break down fats. It consists of components that remove cholesterol from the blood. Today, the diet on wine is popular, although it is contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and introduces serious limitations and recommendations:

"Alcoholic" diets - short-term, are designed for a period of 2 to 5 days. The power mode can be different. Wine is present in different volumes, and it is not necessary to make it the main component. In addition to the aristocratic drink in the diet include various products that combine with wine and maintain its properties: vegetables, fruits, dairy products.

Wine diet for 5 days

French nutritionist Michel Montignac has developed a diet with a limited set of products, in which red dry wine for weight loss. The diet for all five days looks like this:

  1. Breakfast : ripe tomato and two hard-boiled eggs, preferably quail.
  2. Second breakfast : one green apple or a couple of whole wheat loaves.
  3. Lunch : a small cucumber and low-fat cottage cheese (200 g).
  4. Dinner - only a glass of wine.

Diet - Wine and Cheese

The most popular product is a satellite of wine - hard cheese. There is a lot of protein in it, it satisfies hunger for a long time. Therefore, a diet for wine and cheese, designed for three days, can save three kilograms. Diet menu:

  1. Breakfast : cheese (120 g), wheat bread , 1 glass of dry white or red wine.
  2. Lunch : cheese (120 g), two wheat toast, a glass of wine.
  3. Dinner : coincides with dinner.

Since this is a mono-diet, the body may lack nutrients. To adhere to this diet for more than three days is not recommended. If you repeat the experiments with wine, then only after a while, when the forces will be restored. Many Russian and foreign show business stars tried the described diet and were satisfied with the result.

Diet - Wine and Chocolate

A sensational method of losing weight was suggested by scientists from Great Britain. It is based on two products: wine and chocolate, promising pleasure, a charge of positive emotions (which gives dark chocolate) and a romantic mood. The menu for all three days is the same: 100 g of chocolate and 3 glasses of alcohol per day. Wine with a sweet diet is better to choose the taste of chocolate:

Diet - Wine and Apples

Red dry wine with weight loss can become not an enemy, but an assistant. The main thing is to choose the right foods with which the drink will be supplemented. Wine and diet are compatible when the basis of nutrition is the fruit. They can be different - bananas, oranges, pears and melons, but often with a wine drink they consume apples: one or two per reception, with a glass of red dry. This diet, like the previous ones, is calculated for 2-4 days - increasing the time is harmful to health.

To consolidate the positive results, you need to finish the process of losing weight smoothly: do not increase sharply the daily calorie content, refuse at least a week from fatty foods, the basis of nutrition make vegetables, cereals, dried fruits, fish. Wine diet is a good substitute for boring mono diets, but most of all it is convenient so that it can be adhered to during holidays, without denying yourself the use of alcoholic drinks at the table.