Positive emotions

Infinite identical gray everyday life, creeping one after the other, can bring anyone to an oppressed state. But you can fill your life with colors with the help of positive emotions. There are many kinds of positive emotions, each of them will bring its positive charge to your world.

List of positive emotions:

  1. Interest, interest, curiosity - the most often occurring emotion, motivates the development of thinking, knowledge, skills. Interest is the only motivation that supports the implementation of routine work. The interested person has a desire to expand his experience, to explore something new. With strong interest, a person feels revitalized and enthusiastic.
  2. Surprise is a passing emotion: it quickly appears and disappears as quickly. Its function is to prepare a person for sudden or new events, successful actions.
  3. Joy - refers to the positive emotions of a person, characterized by a sense of confidence, importance, ability to overcome difficulties and enjoy life. It is accompanied by self-satisfaction, peace and surrounding people, a sense of energy recovery and own strength. Joy awakens when a person realizes his potential. Obstacles on the way to self-realization hinder the appearance of joy.
  4. Happiness is the most powerful positive emotion. It occurs when a person reaches the goal or when this moment approaches. The road to happiness is in ideals, dreams, goals. They anticipate the result, contributing to the development of pleasant feelings. The goal is more accessible and closer, the less the feeling of happiness. A person who wants to experience happiness in full, must determine his abilities and achieve difficult, distant goals.
  5. Gratitude - is born when a person feels grateful, understands that he has received some benefit.
  6. Hope is optimism, the belief that everything will be fine in the end result. Problems do not seem to be not resolved, a person sees the future as bright and believes that his wishes will come true, no matter what.
  7. Peacefulness - appears when everything goes right, you feel relaxed and calm. Your mind is not burdened with cares. Peace comes to a moment of calm and tranquility when one can simply enjoy the present.
  8. We feel the thrill of awe and curiosity about something incredibly delicious. It can be amazing natural phenomena, works of art, achievements of technology. At such moments comes the understanding that we are only a seed in a vast world.

How to get positive emotions?

  1. You can get positive emotions with the help of ordinary words. You probably noticed that pleasant words, spoken by a loved one, immediately raise the mood. The words that cause positive emotions, for each person, are special.
  2. One way to cause positive emotions are meetings with friends of childhood and youth. Go to a meeting of graduates or a friendly meeting and a charge of positive emotions is assured to you.
  3. Find the positive in your life. Re-evaluate each situation and give it a positive color. An optimistic view of the world allows you to receive more positive emotions and feelings.
  4. If you do not know where to take positive emotions - travel. A great option is a trip to the sea, but you can confine yourself to your city. Dedicate all day to a walk in the woods, the park will give you a great mood.
  5. Find your hobby. Creative realization will relieve the negative and give joy.
  6. Smile more often. Our brain does not distinguish between sincere and false smiles, it reacts to it as if it is genuine. Therefore, even a fake can then cause positive emotions.

The world of emotions permeates the whole human life: communication, interaction with people, activity and cognition. The action of positive emotions is enormous: they allow us to expand habitual actions and thinking, create personal resources, make us cheerful, improve health and well-being over time.