Cheese Kaimak - how to cook, what to eat and how to store the product

Cheese Kaimak is a unique dairy product obtained by various ways of making fatty cream, because it does not have a standard consistency and can resemble cottage cheese, butter or thick sour cream, and its taste characteristics and color directly depend on the raw material quality, aging time and storage conditions .

How to cook a kaimak?

Cheese Kaimak, whose composition includes cream, is prepared by collecting them from cow or sheep's milk. Kaimak is a multinational product with various recipes. Some people make it from sour milk, but, basically, the milk is brought to a boil, cooled, removed from it by cream, stacked in layers and insisted in a couple of days.

  1. Delicious kaimak at home is possible only from a greasy base. To do this, choose homemade milk with a high percentage of fat or cream with a fat content of at least 33%.
  2. Check the readiness of the product as follows: a drop of kaimak is dropped into cold water if it takes the consistency of sour cream - the kaimak is considered ready.
  3. For cooking young kaymak 2 days are enough, while the product is soft, with a delicate creamy taste.

With what do you eat kaimak?

Home-made kaimak is an opportunity to add a customary food to a unique piquant taste. The fact is that for the product there are two stages: when frozen, it becomes a kind of butter, and if it is heated, it returns to a liquid state, which allows using it in sauces or simply served with pancakes or porridge.

  1. Often the cheese is smeared with a hot cake or a freshly baked slice of bread. In this case, it serves as an oil, impregnating bread with a creamy taste.
  2. Kaimak can be eaten in its pure form, sweeten it with honey and jam and serve it to a cup of tea or coffee. Another kaimak used in cooking chicken or lamb. Especially delicious turns buckwheat porridge, dressed with kaimak.

Serbian cheese kaymak

Serbian kaymak is one of the gastronomic sights of the Balkans. This product is characterized by a mild taste and a gentle consistency, because it is made exclusively from cow's milk, which is heated to 94 degrees, kept from boiling, poured into the swabs (wooden utensils) and, after cooling, in 12-24 hours collect the kaimak.



  1. Bring the milk to a boil.
  2. While holding the temperature 94 degrees, heat on the fire for 15 minutes, stirring constantly.
  3. Pour the milk over wooden bowls and leave at room temperature for 15 hours.
  4. Remove the formed dense layer with a wooden spoon and sprinkle it with salt.
  5. Cheese Serbian kaymak can be eaten immediately, but it is better to let it brew for several days.

Cheese curd cheese

Soft cheese kaimak - is varied with cooking options. This confirms this recipe, in which lovers of cheese curd consistency can without expensive ingredients and special culinary skills make the desired product. To do this, a mixture of milk, sour cream and lemon juice warms up on fire, reclines into cheesecloth and after 30 minutes the kaimak is fed to the table.



  1. Combine sour cream, milk, salt and lemon juice.
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil and remove from heat.
  3. Leave a dense layer on gauze, and squeeze the whey.
  4. Hang the curd cheese for 30 minutes, then immediately serve the table.

Cream cheese

Kaimak from cream - for those who want to make a delicious and original product for a minimum of time. The use of ready-made cream helps to prepare the product for a record 5 hours, experiment with taste and use a homogeneous, smooth, airy, creamy mass, used as a cream for cakes and fillings for various desserts.



  1. Connect 500 ml of cream with sugar and put the mass on a weak fire for 10 minutes.
  2. Cool, add the lemon juice and the remaining cream.
  3. Whisk with a mixer and send creamy kaimak for 5 hours in the refrigerator.

Uzbek kaymak at home

Uzbek kaymak is distinguished by cooking technology. Uzbe boil freshly-milked milk, pour it in portions, after 15 hours, collect a layer of cream, which is whipped, a couple of minutes warmed up and quickly cooled. This operation can be done at home, especially if you have a mixer and a little whole milk at your fingertips.



  1. Milk boil and, pouring portion by tank, set aside for 15 hours.
  2. Collect the formed layer and beat it with a mixer.
  3. Warm a couple of minutes on the stove and clean the cheese kaimak in the refrigerator.

Kaymak in the oven

Kaimak, a recipe for cooking which, in dozens of ways, can be made in the oven. On the Don, kaimak is made from milk froth obtained by frying cream in an oven. Blubbered foam is spread in layers, mixed with fresh cream and sour cream and left overnight for fermentation in order to serve the ready-made kaimak in the morning.



  1. 500 ml of cream bake in the oven at 180 degrees.
  2. Every 20 minutes, remove the ruddy foam and lay it in layers.
  3. The whole process will take no more than 1.5 hours.
  4. After that, whip the remaining cream with sour cream and enter the mass to the foam.
  5. Leave for 12 hours in the warmth.

How much is the kaimak stored?

It should not be forgotten that the kaimak, the storage of which is reflected in the quality and taste of the product, refers to sour-milk products that require special conditions. In the Balkans, the kaimak is kept in special wines at a temperature of 14 degrees Celsius to two months. In urban conditions, it is better to store the kaimak no more than 2 days in the refrigerator.

  1. Kaymak is good and that is ready for use in a day. In this case, you can enjoy the "young" kaimak, which is characterized by a soft consistency and creamy taste.
  2. Owners of cellars can safely store the kaimak at a temperature of + 15 degrees for 4 days. This is an opportunity to get an "average" kaimak, characterized by a slightly salty taste and a yellowish tinge.