Exercises with an elastic band

Physical loads with an elastic band, also called elastic band or tape, are very popular today in fitness. At first glance, it may seem that training of this kind will not be of any use, but exercises with an elastic band are performed both for warming up and for influencing a certain group of muscles. Such activities will help to completely replace the trips to the hall. The exercise gum is a type of expander that still has the name - a shock absorber, a rubber tourniquet or an elastic band for fitness . Physical training with this sports device will help build muscle mass, make the body more embossed, develop muscles, joints and ligaments after the injuries. Many athletes now prefer exercises with an elastic band, because it's simple and affordable. Proper use of the tape will bring the muscles into tone and lose extra pounds, which is especially interesting for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

Exercises with an elastic band for women

One of the main problems of ladies is - the zone of the hips, abdomen and buttocks. With sediments in this part of the body, women struggle almost always, but with the tape this process will not only be useful, but also fascinating.

Exercise with an elastic band for legs and buttocks №1 . It is necessary to step on the tape and tighten the projectile with your hands in such a way that resistance is felt. Holding dumbbells in hand, you need to squat and rise to the full straightening of the legs, as shown in Figure 1. Shoulders at this point should be lowered, and the press should be in a stressed state. For one approach, you must perform at least 12 repetitions.

Exercise number 2 . Another good exercise with a rubber band for fitness, which loads the muscles of the buttocks and legs is performed in this way. A loop is made from a rubber band, into which the trainee becomes legs, so that the socks are in the center, and the ends of the loop need to be tightened with both hands, as shown in figure 2. Each leg is alternately set aside to the maximum sense of resistance. Exercise should perform 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Complex exercises with rubber bands