How to properly stretch?

If you've ever practiced sports in your life, then you should know that any activity includes warm-up. In this case, a special place is given to exercises that promote the stretching of muscles and ligaments. This is necessary in order to reduce the risk of injury (such as stretching the ligaments, breaking them, etc.) during sports or dancing.

One of the indicators of a good stretching is the ability to sit on the twine. It is clear that while we are talking about a good stretching of the muscles of the legs. And although you can object that now you do not need it all, because you do not go in for sports and do not go to dances, which means that you do not need to know how to properly stretch your legs. However, stretching exercises do not have to be performed just before sports training or dancing, they can be done in everyday life, to maintain muscle tone and improve blood circulation in them. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules, how and when it is better to do stretch for twine, and also with some basic exercises for this.

How to learn how to properly stretch the legs?

To do this, you need to know what can be done to improve the stretch, and what can not be done categorically.

  1. Before you start stretching exercises, you need to warm up your leg muscles. To do this, fit feet, jumping rope, squats, etc. This will improve the flow of blood to them and enrich the muscles with oxygen.
  2. Do not overdo it. Start small, do not jerk, all movements should be smooth.
  3. Each stretching exercise should last about 1 minute. Start with 30 seconds, and after some time of training can increase the duration of the workout.
  4. While exercising, make sure that the stretched muscle is relaxed, otherwise you may get injured.
  5. Also, when doing exercises, try to keep your back straight. Even in those exercises that involve spinning your back, try not to just bend over, namely to bend your straight back.
  6. At first try to avoid traumatic exercises, because of poor stretching and lack of exercise skills, you can not only damage the muscles and ligaments, but also inadvertently fall and injure yourself.
  7. Do exercises regularly. It is not necessary to try to catch up in one day everything that was lost in a week. This you will only make worse, for example, overdoing with stretching exercises, the next day you are guaranteed pain in the legs. Therefore, the best answer to the question "How often can stretch be made?" Is: "Every day a little, well, or at least three times a week."

Stretching exercises

1 exercise. Slopes forward. Stand straight, legs shoulder-width apart (for beginners you can put your feet slightly wider), and with your straight back try to touch your hands to the floor. First with your fingertips, then put your hand completely on the floor.

2 Exercise. The falls. Lunge forward on one leg and bend it in the knee, springing movements, try to sit down as low as possible. Do the same for the other leg, and then make a thrust to the side, and again stretch out with springing movements.

3 exercise. Spread your legs as wide as you can, cross your arms, and try to touch your elbows to the floor. Just do the exercise carefully, because this rack is not very stable, and you can fall.

4 Exercise. Put one leg on the table (chair back, dresser, Swedish wall) so that the legs form a right angle (you can also be blunt, but if you already have the experience of stretching exercises). Perform inclines one by one, then to one leg, then to the other, and then change your legs.

5 Exercise. Sit on the floor, legs slightly spread apart (literally by the length of the foot) and try to reach the feet with your fingers, and later grab them. In this case, the back should be flat, and the knees should not bend.