How to store honey in honeycombs?

Natural honey - a product extremely useful and tasty. This is known to all. They say that people who collect and consume natural honey, do not know what the diseases of the cardiovascular system and joints are. Besides honey perfectly raises or increases immunity. Also, this product is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Most often we buy it already spilled over the tanks. And it turns out, you can buy honey in honeycombs . In this form, it will not crystallize even after a year and is even more useful. Cell honey is a huge storehouse of enzymes, microelements and vitamins. This product is absolutely sterile. That is why the price is much higher. For such honey, special storage conditions are required. It is about how to properly store honey in honeycombs and will be discussed in this article.

How to store honey in honeycombs at home?

If you managed to buy honey in honeycomb, you need to observe some conditions for its storage.

So, firstly, the humidity level of the room where we store honey is important. If it exceeds 60%, the honeycombs will be dehydrated. Secondly, the temperature. It should be between 3 and 10 degrees. Also, one should not leave vegetables, fruits and other foods and substances that have pronounced sharp odors near honeycombs, since honeycombs can absorb them.

That is why it is most convenient to cut the honeycomb into pieces and spread them over clean containers, which then need to be closed with lids.

How and what is better to store honeycombs?

Note that honey in honeycombs can not be stored in containers made of copper, lead, zinc, because when contact with honey, substances that can cause severe poisoning are formed. It is better if these tanks are ceramic or glass. They, naturally, should be clean and absolutely dry. And store them better in the refrigerator or other place where it will be cool. An important point - the room where the honey will stand should be dark. Because under the influence of light, the useful properties of this wonderful product are lost.

With all the above recommendations, honey in honeycombs can be stored for years and even decades. In this case, he does not lose his taste and useful properties. Therefore, if you bought honey, and somewhere on the package indicated that the expiration date, for example, 1 year, then you bought not honey. After all, real honey, and especially if it is in honeycomb and properly stored, over the years it becomes only better, more useful and tastier.