Solyanka in Georgian - a classic recipe

According to its original origin, the saltwort (another name of the village) is a dish not of Georgian cuisine, but Russian, it is a thick spicy soup of a filling type based on a rich meat, mushroom or fish broth. Typical flavoring components of the saltwort are salted cucumbers, olives, pickled, pickled or fresh mushrooms, capers, lemon, garlic, greens, and sometimes tomato paste. The composition of the saltwort can also include cabbage (sour or fresh), potatoes, and meat smoked products.

Because of the proximity of the geographical position, and also because of the interpenetration of cultural and everyday traditions, the idea of ​​preparing a saltwort was re-interpreted in its own way by Georgian chefs during the Soviet period of history. Thanks to this, we can prepare a hodgepodge in Georgian, these recipes, in some way, are different from the traditional Russian recipes of the saltwort.

How to cook halibut in Georgian?

In general, the preparation of the solyanka in Georgian is also like preparing Russian salted meats, but the dish is more dense in Georgian variant (closer to stew) and, of course, more spicy, spicy and fragrant. Of course, traditional Georgian products can also be used, for example, pomegranate juice. Cabbage is usually not used.

Solyanka prefabricated meat meat in Georgian from beef and mutton



We cut beef and lamb meat with medium sized pieces and cook in a small amount of water for about 1 hour or slightly longer. Slightly cool, remove the meat and put in a colander, let the broth drain.

We cut pork bacon into cubes (as on big cracklings) and lightly fry in a deep frying pan so as to heat the fat. Add the onion, chopped relatively finely, into the frying pan and lightly fry (you can add 5-8 pieces of sliced ​​champignons). Then lay the meat and tush everything together for 20 minutes, stirring. Add salted cucumbers cut in small longitudinal slices, chopped olives (you can add 2 tablespoons of capers), hops-suneli and stew all together for another 10 minutes. Turn off the fire, add a mixture of pomegranate juice and lemon juice, a little broth, and crushed salt with hot red pepper and garlic.

We got a bright hodgepodge in Georgian. To make a red hodgepodge you can add 2 tbsp. spoons of tomato paste.

If you want a thicker nourishing dish, you can add 1-2 tablespoons before laying the meat. tablespoons of wheat flour.

Solyanka in Georgian is good to serve with polenta or Georgian hominy (called gomi). Sometimes in Georgian hodgepodge is added ready-made porridge from corn grits medium-large grind - also very tasty. Serve and sour cream in a separate bowl.

If the hodgepodge in Georgian is not with corn, it makes sense to submit to it Georgian lavash or bezdozhzhevye cakes and, of course, incomparable Georgian wine, chacha or grape brandy.

In other cases, it is possible to prepare a pre-packaged meat solyanka in Georgian, using instead of beef and mutton (or together) the meat of turkey and other poultry (of course, given the difference in the longitude of cooking some type of meat).