Breastfeeding pads

It is known that after the birth of a crumb, it is important for the mother to adjust lactation, since breast milk is better food for the newborn. During breastfeeding, a woman should pay special attention to breast hygiene. This will help to protect yourself from irritations and cracks in the nipples. Pads for breastfeeding, which can be purchased in the departments for pregnant women or pharmacies, will help to simplify the task. But first it is useful to understand why these accessories are needed, and what to look for when choosing.

Appointment of panty liners

These special liners will help to cope with the leakage of milk, which is an actual problem for young mothers, especially in the first few months after childbirth. It is worth mentioning the main functions of the gaskets:

All this allows you to see the need for inserts during lactation. But beforehand it is necessary to be defined, what linings for thoracal feeding it is better to choose. There are different versions of products, and each of them has its own characteristics.

Disposable panty liners

This type of liners is easy to use, for which young mums are valued. Such gaskets have the following properties:

Such gaskets are offered by different manufacturers, because moms will be interested in getting to know those who have proved themselves and have already gained popularity:

  1. Johnson's Baby. Inserts are made of non-toxic materials, do not have an odor, do not cause allergic reactions. They have an adhesive layer that allows you to securely attach the gasket to the clothes.
  2. Philips Avent. Inserts are also of high quality, protect the skin well from damage. Moms note that the gaskets of this company really absorb moisture quickly and at the same time remain dry from the outside.
  3. Babyline. Gaskets are made of a special material, which has excellent absorbent properties, but at the same time allows air to pass through.
  4. Helen Harper. Gaskets are soft, absorb well. Nursing mothers also rated them at a fairly low cost.

Reusable pads for breastfeeding

A nursing woman will have to spend about 4 or more pairs of disposable liners per day. Reusable pads will become more economical option. They also have an anatomical shape, and the absorbent layer is a microfiber, cotton or bamboo fiber. They must be regularly washed with a delicate remedy. It is important to regularly change the liners to prevent leakage.

It is worth paying attention to the Medela gaskets, as they are of high quality, safe for the health of moms and crumbs. They easily absorb milk, allow the skin to breathe, are calculated for about 50 washings.

In addition to reusable and disposable liners, there are silicone pads for breastfeeding. These are special pads that help collect leaking milk. Mom can pour it into another container and feed the baby in the future. The Philips Avent overlays are well proven.

Sometimes there are situations when there are no liners at hand, and they are so necessary. Because some women are interested in how to make their own pads for breastfeeding. Those who can sew themselves can make liners from fleece and flannels. Also, experienced moms say that in an emergency, you can use the usual gynecological pads.