Exercises for hands at home

Many notice that during slimming hands still remain ugly with saggy skin. The thing is that this part of the body needs a separate load, so it is necessary to perform a set of exercises for the hands for women. Many people think that such exercises will make the upper limbs masculine, but this is not so, because you need to do it with a lot of weight and use sports nutrition. Presented exercises will help reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat and strengthen muscle mass. Thanks to training, you can get a proportional body as a result.

Effective exercises for hands at home

There are exercises that are performed with their own weight, for example, push-ups, and for more effective training it is worth using extra load - dumbbells. If there is no such inventory at home, then use ordinary plastic bottles filled with water or sand. Do it 2-3 times a week, repeating the exercises in 2-3 approaches, doing 12-15 times. You can create a separate complex or include exercises for your hands in your basic workout. You need to start with a warm-up to warm up the body and increase the efficiency of the main complex. In this case, you can remember the exercises from the school program, for example, different rotation of the hands, "Mill", jumping with mahami, etc. The duration of the warm-up - 10-15 minutes. To finish the training is an extension.

The best exercises for the hands:

  1. Push-ups from the wall . If it is difficult to perform the exercise from the floor, then this option is suitable. Pushups give a load on the arms, chest and shoulders. IP - stand near the wall, stepping away from it. Rest in it with your hands, holding your elbows near the trunk. The task - exhaling, begin to bend your arms in the elbows, directing the body to the wall. Inhale, return to the FE. It is important to keep your back straight all the time.
  2. Hand cultivation . This exercise for the hands is ideal for the home, since only dumbbells are needed for it. To get a double benefit, we suggest keeping your feet raised, and this will result in the press being in tension. IP - sit on your back, bend your legs to get a right angle. Hold the hands together over the chest, and then, dilute them to the sides, while they should be slightly bent at the elbows. To touch a floor dumbbells should not, that will allow to keep stress. After that, perform the mixing by returning to the IP.
  3. Thrust dumbbells to the chin . This is an effective exercise for the hands, or rather for triceps. IP - stand up, holding dumbbells in your hands. The task - pull dumbbells to the chin, pointing your elbows up. It is important to lift the shoulders and elbows, while the palms should be at the bottom.
  4. Reverse push-ups . This exercise for hands at home can be performed from the floor, and also, by focusing on the elevation, for example, you can use a chair. IP - sit on the floor, take your hands back, pointing your fingers to the body. Lift the case and keep your hands straight. The task - bend your arms, lowering the buttocks down, but they should not touch the floor. After that, go back to the IP.
  5. Extension of arms with dumbbells . This exercise gives a good load on the triceps . IP - stand up, holding a dumbbell above your head. Hands should be slightly bent at the elbows. Task - perform flexion and extension in elbows, but they must be stationary, that is, do not move in different directions. Forearms at the time of the whole exercise should be in a position perpendicular to the floor.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is important to combine regular exercise with proper nutrition, otherwise you should not expect a good result.