Exercises on the bar for the press

It's no secret that the exercises on the bar for the press are more popular among the guys than among the girls. However, the beautiful half of humanity in vain does not use such a convenient and popular technique: the fact is that these exercises differ not only in their originality, but also in that they give very beautiful and fast results.

The swing of the press on the horizontal bar: where to study?

If you look out the window, then most likely, you will find the bar directly in your yard. However, many girls seem uncomfortable, because there are so many people around, and an untrained press will not let you do the exercises right and right at once! I would not like to hear the ridicule of passers-by or advice from amateurs.

If at home you do not have a Swedish wall, or a horizontal bar, and for the sake of this alone you do not want to look for a gym for a long time, offering a crossbar, and even the right height, the output is simple: set the alarm clock at 5.40 and forward to the bar in the yard until all the city is asleep! At this time, you have both a horizontal bar and bars - the training program for the press will be full!

If you are a convinced owl and can not do anything early in the morning, but you can not cross the psychological barrier and go to the horizontal bar in broad daylight, you can not, in your case it's more logical to buy a crossbar to your home. It costs about 70-100 $.

However, it is still more useful to get used to training in the yard - there is usually a horizontal bar and bars, which allows you to diversify exercises for the press much more than one home crossbar.

Training press on horizontal bar

Girls often think that the pumping of the press on the bar for them should be fundamentally different, not the same as for men. This is a wrong position: the girl is prohibited only by some too zealous training for oblique abdominal muscles, because when they are pumped, the waist in the front widens.

  1. Any training should start with a warm-up. Jumping with skipping rope or jogging is suitable, for example. It is important that several groups of muscles are involved at once, and the body is prepared for physical activity.
  2. The first exercise on the bar - it's always in. Until you master it, it will be difficult for you to do the rest. Try to hang with a straight grip, reverse and combined. By the way, this is an excellent training of the muscles of the chest.
  3. For the oblique muscles of the abdomen, the exercise "turns" is well suited. Accept the position of the classical viscus, and then rotate the body first into one, and then to the other side. This exercise is especially important for those who suffer with "ears" on their sides.
  4. The next step, which already uses the muscles of the press - this is rocking. The more you can swing, the better. But even training with a small amplitude will already give its results: this is a fine trains lower press. Do 3 sets of 5 swings, then increase the number.
  5. The most effective is the exercise corner for the press . First, master the simplified version: bend the legs in the knees and pull them to the level of the chest, exhaling at the highest point and breathing in the lowest. This exercise involves both the press, and thighs, and buttocks. Do at least 5 repetitions and 3 approaches.
  6. A classic corner is the raising of straight legs from the position of the vis. Do at least 5 repetitions and 3 approaches.
  7. For the muscles of the lateral press, from the position of the visus, raise the bent legs, placing the right foot in the right side, and the left foot in the left. Do at least 5 repetitions and 3 approaches for each leg.

Exercises on the bar for the press are suitable for beginners, and for those who have sports training. Of course, if you were engaged earlier, the complex will be given to you much easier.