How can breastfeeding make the milk fat?

Very often, young mothers who are breastfeeding their newborn baby are worried that the baby is malnourished. Many of them believe that the reason for underweight by a child is that their milk is low in fat.

Often, once in such a situation, the nursing mother turns to the doctor with the question of how to make breast milk more fat and nutritious. In fact, mother's milk has insufficient fat content is not always, it usually has the ideal composition and nutritional value necessary for crumbs.

In addition, too fatty milk can cause a baby dysbiosis, which often becomes the cause of constipation and colic. Before trying to increase the fat content of breast milk yourself, it is better to consult a qualified doctor who can determine whether this is necessary for you and the crumbs. In this article we will tell you how to make breast milk fatter and more nutritious, if the baby really lacks nutrients.

How to make milk with breastfeeding fatter?

The most important rule that will allow your baby to suck out the most fat and nutritious milk is to alternate the breasts each feeding. If a young mother constantly changes her breast, the baby will receive exclusively "front" milk, which does not have a high calorie content. Also, the fat content and value of breast milk depends on the break between applications. The more often you feed your baby, the more fat and saturated milk he will receive, and vice versa.

In addition, the nursing mother must eat properly. The content of fats in the daily menu of a woman who breastfeed a newborn baby should be no more than 30%, and proteins - 20%. It is necessary to eat as much as possible products enriched with calcium - fish, cabbage, cottage cheese, milk, beans, raisins, herbs and carrot juice. A woman on the GW should eat a portion of soup and cereal every day.

The most effective products that increase the fat content of women's milk are broccoli and walnuts. Finally, during the feeding of the baby it is incredibly useful to drink green tea with milk and natural fruit juices. Do not worry about the fact that excessive amounts of liquid "dilute" your milk - a nursing mother should drink at least 2 liters of water, juice or tea a day, and this does not have any effect on the fat content of milk.