Personal growth - what is it and how to become a strong personality?

Over time, people's views change, this is due to various reasons, the main one being personal growth. This he forces to rethink life experience, find more successful ways out of the problem situations and win there, where before would not have gone.

What is personal growth?

Proceeding from tempting invitations to trainings, one might think that personal growth is a magic technique that will help to achieve the desired without much effort. This definition is fundamentally wrong, it will have to work very hard. Personal growth involves working on your shortcomings to improve your own performance relative to the previous period. This comprehensive development of man, victory over fears and expansion of horizons, which contributes to the success in any matter.

Psychology of personal growth

The very concept of personal growth does not imply a pleasurable walk. This is a laborious process, and often unpleasant. Its beginning can be associated with envy, which then will have to be eliminated, therefore personal growth in psychology is always regarded as a serious test, when passing through which help may be required. During it there is a chance to get carried away by self-flagellation. As a result, there is a rapid degradation and a loss of faith in one's own strength.

Why do we need personal growth?

Before you start moving in this direction, you need to understand what the benefits of personal growth are. Many generations of our ancestors did not think of anything like that, raised children and were happy, and modern people constantly complicate their lives. Consider what pushes them to this step.

  1. There are no stops . You can either move forward, or roll down. This is due to the loss of skills due to their non-use, and with the development of the environment. Even to maintain their level will have to work.
  2. Goals and dreams . To achieve success, you must constantly learn, acquire new professional skills and hone personal qualities .
  3. Life . Existence without self-improvement is possible if you load yourself with hard work and unfailing obligations. Only at the moment of rest, thoughts of missed opportunities will slip through, which will eventually lead to prolonged depression.

Signs of stopping personal growth

  1. Inability to accept new things . A person tries to surround himself only with the usual things (books, music, films), not letting new acquaintances and ideas into his life.
  2. Not accepting yourself . Attempt self-deception, the desire to adjust to other people's landmarks.
  3. Lack of harmony . There is no ability to match the living environment and attempts to somehow change it.
  4. Lack of flexibility . The ability to act only on the adjusted patterns, the slightest digression seems impossible.
  5. Intrapersonal conflict . There is a discrepancy between the real situation and your ideal self.
  6. No responsibility for your life . For the coming crisis of personal growth, blame other people and unfavorable circumstances, and not the person himself.
  7. Inadequate evaluation of yourself . People fall into self-flagellation or elevate themselves above others. For any of the reactions, the smallest reason will suffice.

How to start personal growth?

Training of any kind begins gradually, so as not to overload the body with too much stress. Personal growth and self-development will not be an exception, before embarking on training, one must at least understand what is planned to study. It is recommended to begin with the following sequential actions.

  1. Understanding . If there is no awareness of the need for further development, but no cunning exercise or clever book will help.
  2. Your opinion . Even recognized authorities are mistaken, therefore all judgments should be considered through the prism of their own experience and reason.
  3. Front works . It is necessary, without modesty and regret, to determine your strengths and traits that you need to improve. This includes personal attraction.
  4. Plan . The next step is to outline ways to work on your shortcomings.

Personal growth: motivation

Without desire, nothing will turn out, and in the process of self-improvement, its presence is also necessary. Motivation, as a condition of personal growth, is divided into the following types.

  1. Self-affirmation . The desire to look better in front of close people, increase self-esteem and status.
  2. Imitation . The desire to be like a successful person.
  3. Power . Getting pleasure from the management of other people pushes to improve their skills in this area.
  4. Work for work . Satisfaction from the performance of his duties, a person is passionate about his activities.
  5. Self-development . Conquest of each stage can bring joy, this feeling and is a motivation for further movement.
  6. Perfection . Desire to reach heights in a certain area.
  7. Company . The need to become part of a company that is passionate about the same process.

Methods of personal growth

Go to a new level of development can be through several approaches. Some are based on personal perseverance, other methods involve the help of specialists. It is customary to highlight the following methods of personal growth.

  1. Literature . It is necessary to choose and study the best books on personal growth. The method is characterized by a low speed of advancement. I'll have to deal with all the subtleties myself, looking for the right steps among a lot of conflicting information.
  2. Complex approach . In this case, the following personal growth tools are used: books, video lessons, counseling of psychologists. Efficiency is higher than the previous approach. At high speed, it is not necessary to count, as it will be difficult to objectively evaluate the result.
  3. Trainings and courses . If experienced trainers are available, you can quickly get results, all information will be structured and explained in detail. There is a danger of getting under the influence of scammers.
  4. Personal trainer . In terms of effectiveness this approach is optimal, but it is also the most expensive. In this case, the approach will be individualized to create a balanced learning model.

Exercises for personal growth

  1. In what was lucky . It is advisable to perform in pairs. First, the couple in turn talks about the positive moments in their lives. Then you need to discuss your impressions.
  2. Steps . For this technique of personal growth, you need to draw a ladder with 10 steps and indicate your position on it. Low self-esteem corresponds to 1-4 steps, normal - 5-7, and overestimated - from 8 steps.
  3. Sunday evening . It is necessary to find time for yourself, which all the relatives will know about. In these few hours absolute freedom of action is given without any obligations. It is necessary to remember your interests, which are often forgotten under the yoke of duty.

Books on personal growth

Without studying the literature, one can not grow above oneself. A good result will help to reach the following books for personal growth and development.

  1. D. Eyckaff. "Start . " Tells about the difficulty to stand out from the crowd and the benefits of such an act.
  2. D. Ron. Seasonality of Life . Will help to deal with internal contradictions.
  3. A. Lakane "The Art of Planning" . Tell about the effective planning of your life, it is very useful during personal growth.
  4. B. Tracy "Leave the comfort zone . " The book describes ways to get out of difficult situations associated with unusual solutions.
  5. K. McGonigal. "Willpower" . It will help you become spiritually stronger, all advice has scientific confirmation.

The danger of training for personal growth

A little later it was said that such exercises can significantly accelerate the process. But there are many examples of how trainings of personal growth cripple the psyche. Such a result occurs if people get to scammers who are ready to use the lowest methods for making a profit. After such lessons, people come out with confidence in their own insignificance, which only a new course will help to overcome.

The harm of trainings for personal growth is not always connected with criminal activity. The fact is that development is possible only in the absence of serious violations. If a person is depressed, then such exercises can only aggravate his condition. In this case, you first need to get rid of the unhealthy state, and then engage in self-improvement.