Homemade shortbread cookies in butter - recipe

Homemade cookies are always tastier, smoother and more saturated than what can be purchased in the retail chain. After all, in addition to quality tested products, you give him the warmth of your hands and fill it with love.

We offer recipes for homemade shortbread cookies in butter . It is a variant of the simplest and at the same time incredibly tasty baked goods made from short pastry, which will please both children and adults.

Shortbread cookies with butter - recipe



We get the creamy oil in advance from the refrigerator and give it a good thaw. Then we place it in a bowl, add sugar, salt and carefully rub it all together. We drive the egg to the mixture and stir until homogeneous. Next, gradually sift into a bowl of wheat flour and knead the dough to obtain a soft and absolutely non-sticky consistency to the hands. Determine the resulting lump in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes, wrapping food film.

At the end of the time, roll out the dough with a layer of about five millimeters and cut out the cookies from it using molds, or simply cut the layer into cubes, rectangles or rhombuses.

Place the cookies on a sheet of parchment paper and set it in a preheated to 185 degree oven for about fifteen minutes or until golden.

The taste of finished products directly depends on the quality of the butter used. If desired, the dough can be flavored with vanilla sugar or cinnamon, and also add poppy, dried fruits, nuts, candied fruits or sesame seeds for additional flavor.

Shortbread cookie with butter on yolks



The softened butter is ground with sugar, vanilla sugar, salt and yolks. Sift into the mixture a little bit of flour and mix a soft, elastic and completely non-sticky dough. We determine it for twenty-five minutes in the refrigerator. Then roll out the dough to get a layer of thickness of five millimeters, and cut it into cubes or pieces of another shape, and in the presence of molds, we form figured pechenyushki. We lay them out on a sheet laid out with baking paper and bake in a preheated oven to 185 degrees for ten to fifteen minutes or until red.

Shortbread cookies in butter and sour cream



Sour cream is combined with granulated sugar and we break the well with the help of a mixer to the splendor and airiness. Then add eggs, salt, soft butter and baking powder and mix until smooth. Next, we sift the wheat flour into the mixture and start the dough. It should turn out plastic and do not stick to your hands. We let him lie down in the refrigerator for twenty minutes, wrapping the food film beforehand.

Roll out after the time of the dough test until the formation is about five centimeters thick and cut out the biscuits using molds. We place it on a baking sheet, which we have previously covered with parchment paper. After about fifteen minutes of being in the oven heated to 185 degrees, the cookie will blanch and be ready.

Let him cool down and decorate at his own discretion. You can simply tear products with powdered sugar, and for a more original and unique taste and appearance, we cover them with chocolate or sugar icing.