Oatmeal porridge in a double boiler

If at the maximum of free time you have a minimum of strength, then you can instruct the preparation of a useful oatmeal porridge. Classical oatmeal for breakfast in a double boiler will be just as good as cooked on the stove with your own hands, and free time from cooking can always be devoted to more enjoyable pursuits. So, let's work together on how to cook oatmeal in a double boiler.

Herculean porridge in a double boiler

When preparing oatmeal, the first thing you will have to pay attention to will be the tanks for measuring the cereal itself and water (or milk), on which you will cook it. On average, the croup-water ratio is 1: 2, but for the accuracy of the process use the measuring cup, because when cooking in the kitchen assistant, there will be no time to make adjustments in the cooking process.

After you place the measured volume of cereals in a bowl, immediately pour it with boiling water or hot milk, in order to speed up the process of preparation by preliminary "steaming" (exception - gherkins porridges and instant cereals).

The further process of cooking special tricks does not conceal: fill the water in a special compartment of the device, put the bowl of cereal and put the timer: "Hercules" in the steamer will be prepared for about 15 minutes, and unprepared oatmeal to 30 (depending on the brand and model of the steamer).



In the form of laying flakes and pour them a glass of hot milk: if you like a thicker porridge - pour one glass, if liquid, then one and a half. Immediately add sugar to the bowl and, if desired, salt. Close the container with a lid and turn on the steamer for 25-30 minutes. After half an hour, the ready-made fragrant oatmeal in the double boiler will be ready for serving, all that remains is to butter it with honey and honey, decorate with any fruit to taste and you can start eating.

Another way to prepare a healthy breakfast is oatmeal in a multivariate . And if you or your husband do not like porridge, then take a look at the oatmeal pie recipe. Bon Appetit!