Salmon soup

It is unlikely that any soup can be compared with the soup of salmon. The rich and aromatic soup is what you need in bad weather, as it perfectly warms and satiates. We will talk further about how to make soup from salmon.

Salmon soup recipe

Salmon soup has already ceased to be a luxury, because almost everyone can afford to buy a piece of fish, as in the shops you can find pieces of salmon for every taste and pocket. In this recipe we will make an ear on the broth from the salmon ridges, and add the fillet to the ready broth. If the fillet is too expensive for you, replace it with canned salmon.



Salmon ridges are thoroughly washed and filled with water. Together with the fish ridges, broth is also sent to the bay leaf, one carrot and one onion. Cook the broth for 30 minutes.

In the frying pan, let the remaining carrots and onions pass until soft. Potatoes are cleaned and cut into cubes. Salmon fillet is also cut into large cubes.

Boiled fish broth filter and then return to the fire. In broth we lay potatoes and passerings. Cook the soup until the softness of the vegetables and add the salmon fillet to the pan. Cook the soup is only 5-7 minutes, after which you should sprinkle it with fresh dill and let it stand under the lid for 20-30 minutes. The soup of salmon fillet with broth on the ridges is ready for serving!

How to boil an ear from a salmon head?



We clean the head of the fish, we remove the eyes. We put the tails and heads in a deep saucepan and pour water. Cook the broth 1,5-2 hours on a small fire.

Carrots and celery are diced. In a frying pan, we warm up the oil and pass the root crops to half-cooked, along with the laurel leaves, peppercorns, and also chopped white pieces of green onion feathers. Half-finished vegetables are poured with wine and flavored with parsley. We give vegetables in the wine for 4-5 minutes, then pour into the saucepan with broth, after removing the fish heads and tails from it. Potatoes are cleaned, cut into cubes and sent to broth to other vegetables. Cook the potatoes until soft.

In the meantime, we remove the fish flesh from the bones and return it to the broth as soon as the vegetables are ready. We pour lemon juice into the soup and serve it to the table.

Prepare the soup from the salmon in the multivariate using this recipe. To prepare all the ingredients, we immerse it in the bowl of the device and set the "Soup" mode for 1 hour. After the time has elapsed, we remove the fish's tails and heads from the fish's ears, remove the pulp from them and return it back to the broth.

Ear from belly of salmon



We clean the head from the eyes and gills. Put the head with the abdomens in a saucepan and fill it with water. Cook the fish broth for 30 minutes, do not forget to add pepper and bay leaf, after which we remove the fish, disassemble, and put the cut vegetables into the pan. Once the vegetables are soft, put the fish pulp back into the pan and remove the dish from the fire. We give the ear a minute of 15-20 minutes and serve, sprinkle with fresh herbs and sprinkle with lemon juice.